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byJools, November 19, 2011
Hotspots Pro
At first I thought the cost of this component was an issue, but then after experiencing the support and the features this component has I can say that it's worth every penny.

Keep up the good work Daniel......
byJools, September 18, 2011
Amazing that's it!

The map shows jomsocial members in either icon or avatar form, the plugin allows members to update their location as they move. It also shows event locations too, this is amazing.

The amount of configurable options in the back end is huge.

And all for €25 half the price on other map modules on here that do half as much.

Keep up the good work guys! Joomla needs you :-)
byJools, September 10, 2011
I like this but it has one massive flaw for me which is in integration with Joomla login or jomsocial login, meaning your users have to create a disqus account to leave comments which is a bit counter intuitive to me.
Apart from that looks nice and seems to work well but I will be hunting for other options with more integration before I go live.
byJools, November 20, 2010
ARI Ext Menu

Just upload it and select the menu you want to relace (mine was the main menu, so you then turn main menu off), then select the modules position 0-whatever, 0 for me as I wanted it at the top and bam-a-lam, all done. Just going to buzz them about changing the background colour but from the questions on the support forum looks like I'll be getting a quick response.

Excellent module so far.
byJools, November 11, 2010
I downloaded this, uploaded it to my site and had it working in a few minutes and I am fairly new to joomla.

The great things about google map lite (free version) is its free obviously, but you can have custom icons on it through the server which is great for me. Now all my info from my site can go on one map and users can instantly see where articles are from, have locations to go to and see where local shops and services relevant to that content. Oh and did I say it was free.