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byJoomlaArchitect, November 28, 2010
I had great hopes for this extension. After watching it for the past 9 months, I decided today to take the plunge and install it. After watching the 1:35min video I felt confident that this should work fine. The installation was very easy and importing the content was easy too. My environment for this project was Joomla 1.5.22 and I use JCE to edit.
I was able to look at and edit one of the imported articles (called item in flexicontent) and this seemed promising. So, I checked out all other functions and the file manager just showed me a blank page. Not a good sign, but I thought that I may fix this issue later.
So, I created 2 additional types which I called Service and Product. I changed one Article to become a Service. No issue so far, except for a warning message that did not make much sense. Then I checked out more functionality and saw a warning about needing to create at least one menu item. So far I did not need documentation, but here my first issue started: where is the documentation if you need it? On the website is a nice forum, but it is difficult to find help for specific issues. I found some information and then I created a menu item using the flexicontent component. Then I wanted to edit another Article, but found that the editor was empty, no content visible. So, I checked the original Joomla Article section, found the content (both versions, the original and the one for FlexiContent) and was able to edit it with JCE.
To make this story short, I deleted the FlexiContent content, category and section twice and re-imported the content structure twice, but it never worked again. It was not possible to edit any articles/items, all were blank. So, I removed all FlexiContent content structures and uninstalled the component. It simply does not work properly and has poor documentation.
Overall, the concept seems very good and I respect the developers for all of their efforts. In my opinion this current version is only for early, early adopters who are willing to gamble and potentially spend a lot of time to keep it running.
byJoomlaArchitect, November 17, 2010
The Quickmode is great to get new forms up and running within a few minutes. I needed to change my outdated, native Joomla contact form and needed only 5 minutes to get a new one setup with BreezingForms. My new contact form is more sophisticated and has reCaptcha built in.
But what I like most is the fantastic level of support provided by Markus at I had last downloaded the release 733, in which there was an issue with reCaptcha. So I tried to get the latest version 737 and found out that my subscription had just run out 5 days after the release of this latest version. I contacted crosstec support and Markus worked with me to get the latest version to me. We actually used a Job Application form that I had built, with the capability to upload resumes. It worked perfect and Markus uploaded the new version to me.
To me this is excellent support for an excellent product!