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byJoomlaShowroom, February 28, 2014
Constant Contact Signup Majix Pro
I purchased this extension per the good reviews here. Upon installation of both the module and the plugin it was apparently clear that both of them we completely broken. The extensions opened outside of the back end template and you could not even configure anything. After ruling out that it was not a problem of our own I posted a support ticket. They replied and said they had to rewrite some things due to updates to the Constant Contact API and it would be a few days. I waited 1 almost a week and followed up again to check status and they said that they needed another week. An update to an API does not constitute a 2 week fix, sorry guys. They did offer a refund which I did take advantage of and yes they did follow through.
But I would have rather had the software itself working.
Owner's reply

The issues reported by this user have since been resolved. We are saddened for this poor review. On our behalf, an upgrade to the module became necessary when Constant Contact issued an updated version of their API. Since their API was completely re-written, we were forced to make major changes to our software. As a result, the update took much longer than anticipated. Our apologies to this user.

byJoomlaShowroom, July 25, 2012
MaQma Helpdesk
I have to say, we have used, developed, and tested a TON of helpdesk ticketing systems and i am happy we chose this one.

However I will warn you, this component is not for the newbie or impatient type of user. This has a lot of features and it is a MONSTER to set up. If you only need basic ticket functions I would say go with some other generic system. But if you need robust ticket, department, and user management that includes automation, then THIS is your new baby.

For anyone needing a very professionally built ticketing system that is damn near enterprise level software I would highly recommend this extension.
byJoomlaShowroom, July 13, 2012
We have been using this shopping cart on for many years. It is perfect for a digital software company. We have also used it on a few client sites for tangible products and our clients also like it a lot. It is much less bloated than Virtuemart and way more stable as well. The developers have always been responsive when a support inquiry was posted. We have used this cart in Joomla 1.0, 1.5, and 2.5 implementations for years now and it always improves every year.

Things I like about this cart are:
* It's absolutely great for digital software products.
* It has a very streamlined buying and checkout process.
* It is very intuitive for our users and customers to come back to purchase additional products and print invoices.
* I love the fact that you can assign subscription terms to a purchase.
* I like the email templates that are available to send out scheduled emails.

Things I think could improve are:
* The coupon/Promo codes could have a lot more features. It's extremely limited and generic.
* The developer has been VERY slow at releasing new features. Bug fix releases have been fast but new features are not added very much. I hope to see this change in the future.
* Automatic email reminders and follow ups could have more options. For instance it would be nice to have the ability to set up a custom parameter of when the emails should be sent, not restricted to a per-defined list of those settings.
* I would like to see the ability for shipping calculation integrations with UPS, Fedex, and USPS. This is pretty standard in most other carts.

Other than what I mentioned above it is a solid cart solution.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the great review!

Yes, the development has been slow mainly because we did a major upgrade and added 2x more features than before, we didn't release one feature at a time, but all of them at once. We also spent lots of time converting it to Joomla 2.5. Now that the cart is stable and all the new features are in place, we will be able to add features faster.

byJoomlaShowroom, May 17, 2011
I have used virtually every other form building tool out there over the past 5-6 years of building Joomla sites. When I found Breezing Forms and seen the enhancements that had been made over the old extension it was forked from, I was quite eager to try it out.
This component does have a learning curve. But the more you use it and learn it, the more you will LOVE it's powerful features. I did a form comparison presentation at our local user group and this tool has the absolute best balance between ease of use for the newbies out there, but yet has some really extendible options for the die hard coder. There's a ton of templates that come with it too so you don't need to spend a ton of time editing CSS files to get a nice looking form.

I had a client just yesterday that wanted me to use RS Forms and they had a pretty complicated form with specific requirements on how it should look and be designed. After 1 hour of jacking with RS Forms Pro and not getting it to do everything we needed it to do, I installed Breezing Forms and went to town. In no time I had the client happy, satisfied, and he now has a better product for his form needs. I build a lot of sites. And I can tell you that this IS the best out there right now that is available for Joomla!
byJoomlaShowroom, September 25, 2010
Admin Tools
I've been using Akeeba Backup for a while and when the new Admin Tools component was release I immediately went to check it out.
I was very pleasantly surprised at the great tools available. There are a lot of great tools for experienced webmasters and novice users.
One word of caution though, there are some tools in the component that general site owners need to be aware of that can get their site inoperable if you don't know what you're doing, specifically, the htaccess maker.

But for experienced site builders and maintainers, this one's the cats meow. Great job Nickolas!!!
byJoomlaShowroom, February 28, 2009
I bought this extension as soon as it was released. I think that this extension is a true social networking software that actually promotes your site visitors and users to interact with each other. This component is a lot like Facebook and if you are looking to add Facebook style functionality and features to your Joomla website then this is the software to get.
I love the API for adding applications to this software. It allows the component to be expanded in a limitless amount of ways. I think that once this component matures it will be the one to use on all social networking sites.
I also like the front end interface and the component looks great on most any website without much tweaking.
I also really like the way that you can implement your own templates for the component or easily tweak the CSS of the existing ones to better meet the needs of your own website.

Thanks Azrul for a wonderful app that has now filled a void that Joomla has had for a long time.