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byJoomlamerica, April 11, 2013
Spambots are a huge issue, this kind of security ought to be part of Joomla's framework. Does a fantastic job, lets me know when any known spammer IP attempts to register, etc. Love this extension.
byJoomlamerica, March 25, 2013
Security is becoming a huge issue and I manage about 100 Joomla sites so I test a lot of security extensions. This one works right out of the box, and it gives me a log of attempted exploits against the site, does a really good job.
byJoomlamerica, July 1, 2012
ARI Image Slider
I was searching for a jquery slideshow for our news site since flash poses some issues for viewers and mobile users. This is just perfect for our needs. So many customizations possible, it's smooth, loads quickly and displays beautifully. LOVE it.
byJoomlamerica, February 8, 2012
I have been plagued for weeks by some dictionary hackers trying to break into my Joomla admins. This beautiful plugin has put an end to that headache for me. And by bumping would-be hackers to the front page, it increases the traffic to my Google ads as well. What a wonderful extension!
byJoomlamerica, October 13, 2011
Just what my clients were looking for, some easy to use (and easy to see) buttons for sharing. Great work, easy to set up and lots of interesting variables possible.
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for the kind words Joomlamerica!

byJoomlamerica, May 5, 2011
I bought this for a commercial real estate client and assumed I would have to really customize it to make it work for their needs. But it was as simple as modifying a language file or two and a CSS file and voila! The extension is the smoothest, fastest, feature-filled extension I have ever tested. Beautiful work, and fantastic support, a very classy extension and worth every penny. I can't wait to see what they develop next, because this was an excellent experience.
byJoomlamerica, May 17, 2010
AJAX Scroller
The variables with this module were already great, but the support from this developer is nothing short of awesome. I asked for a feature I needed and he made time to add the feature right away. I can't say enough about what that means when you have clients and deadlines to get that kind of support.