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byJoomlapat, June 10, 2014
Tag Meta
I use other SEO-Meta but this one work perfectly and is really powerful. Thanks to the Dev. Good Work. I was able to give back SEO to an custom component that have no easy way to control the Metas.
byJoomlapat, May 8, 2014
Global News
Installed on a 3.2 Joomla and I’m really please of the result and the flexibility. I did have a small problem and the Dev fix it up in no time.

The quality is not only with Joomla but in all the people behind it…

byJoomlapat, May 5, 2014
Srizon Tag
I want to thanks the developer for that perfect cloud - Always top of the line Joomla extensions from Srizon.

byJoomlapat, December 31, 2013
DM Articles Filter
To my knowledge, this is the only way to have a category selective search or filtering by terms, category and date for the archived articles (Joomla archived system).

In fact you can choose to filter all combinations of articles (Archived or not, or both...) and included/excluded whatever you want (categories & more...). Great Flexibility...

The support was simply stellar. They patiently answers all my questions, solved any problems that I encounter and even update their extension to answer specific needs that they find important to add to their extensions. Bravo!
byJoomlapat, December 20, 2013
JT bxSlider Images
Very Small Price for the pro. Work really well and easy to customized. In version 1.1 you can add an image description.
Responsive. Good work.
byJoomlapat, February 16, 2013
Zh GoogleMap
I was looking for a 2.5 Google Map component (module,plugin) and I find this. I have a little bit of difficulty to have Exactly what I was needed and the support team patiently, nicely answer all my question. This can propels simple to extremely complex maps. The ultimate tool with the best people... Bravo!
byJoomlapat, December 4, 2012
Dropbox Component
This component is really good and can be visually integrated to any site easily. The Dev. is really responsive and helpful.

byJoomlapat, August 21, 2012
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Most of the negative review here are mostly related to problems with the importation Josetta tool from Joomfish 1.5 to 2.5. Mostly people with big sites with thousands of article to be import — That part is maybe buggy (the importation tools) but Josetta is relatively new and the Import Tools (a stand alone 1.5 extension) will surely be improved.

Now the real stuff... Josetta

SO FAR —> What I REALLY like :
1• Josetta use the EXCELLENT integrated inboard translation system of Joomla.
They don’t try to reinvent the wheel and they don’t go against the grain of what will be the core language system of all future version of joomla. Josetta simply centralize and simplify all the separated steps in one interface. (You still need the basic first steps in making a 2.5 Joomla site multilingual from the start)

it does NOT create any separate tables in your database.
it does NOT require any extra performance overhead (i.e. increased database queries) when displaying translations

In fact, Josetta can be taking out of the site at any time without affecting it’s multilingual

2• Translation of content is based on plugins
Plugins for all Joomla default content types are included
— Any extension compatible with Joomla native multilingual system can be translated with Josetta
— They already pass a K2 plugins to the K2 Devs
— They have an How to make your own plug in tutorial freely available

3• Simplify the translation process and make it available to non-computer-savy People.

4• Accessible by the frontend

5• Didn’t see any bug (So Far)

6• Forum based help
I was even contacted for a follow up on some suggestions I propose to core functions ....

7• You can integrated Bing Translator (if you have an account) ... cool

8• Made by a well know pillar Dev in Joomla community

SO FAR —> What is SO-SO :
1• Forum help
The question are answered - Not Speedily but still answered in an acceptable amount of time. In hurry to closed the topics (sometimes)

2• The ergonomic of the apps can be better on certain details (but not really bad, simple)

SO FAR —> What should be better :
1• No translation by the Backend (only frontend)
Meaning that even if you have to create your original content (categories, menus,articles...) by the backend administration you have to switch to frontend to finish your job and translated that new content with the help of Josetta. Not a big big deal but annoying as you have to re-login to the frontend to complete your translation.
I pass this to the dev’s team and they will look to it...
Personally, I made a backend administration Control Panel Quick Icon mark Translation/Traduire where a backend administrator can direcly go to the ONE STEP—>FRONTEND LOGIN —> REDIRECT TO JOSETTA that is far more elegant than the 3 steps —> Go to frontend —> Login —> Go to Josetta

2• The backend translations statistics and component are to minimalist — You can’t really do to much there....

Josetta is the ONLY REAL SOLUTION that go hand to hand with the excellent internal multilingual motor of Joomla 2.5.

I wish the DEV’s themselves realized that this tool bring Joomla to new heights. Joomla without a solid EASY multilingual solution will fall behind other CMS to oblivion and other solutions that bypass Joomla internal solution are not the ticket.
byJoomlapat, August 13, 2012
Version Verification Tool
Fantastic tool...
To verified Upgrades and problem or hack files...

byJoomlapat, August 10, 2012
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Falang is the Joomfish of 2.5. It work.

But I have some major concerns...

1— This takes over completely or in parts the new integrated Joomla system that is EXCELLENT, but really complex (too complex) to operate for the normal site owner. Remember that from this day on this integrated system WILL be part of all future Joomla versions and Component and add-ons creator will implement for the integrated system first.

2— The worst (for me anyway), and seem to be kept quiet (Not mention as a pre-required here?), is that Search engines will see only the default language as valid. You HAVE NO CHOICE to install something like JoomSEF or any other of those invasive components to have a multilingual, SEO adequate, professional site.

Those 2 points alone make me doubt that we have a practical solution here. Sorry.
byJoomlapat, July 15, 2012
Web Fonts
Simple and powerful, brilliant.
Add your own custom css easily. Really responsive support. GREAT!
byJoomlapat, June 28, 2012
Modal system messages
Installed and replaced the normal Joomla Message in a minute. Just CSS to your liking. The only point I will change is to have a darken transparent background to really keep the focus on the message. I Just CSS that myself in minutes, but it will be preferable to be integrated by the Dev. I ask some questions and the Dev. and, I get my answers rapidly. Thanks !
byJoomlapat, March 26, 2012
AL Facebook Comments Box
This is replacing any other type of comment system out there.
• No or non-existant spam
• Post as yourself (Facebook Profile) or (Facebook Page) administrator.
• Manage comments (remove & Hide)
• Follow or not conversation
• Post or not to Facebook
• Easy to style (not the Facebook Part)
• All the good it does for SEO and having feedback from your visitors
• Sending the article and/or the conversation to multiple socials channels and by email is a bonus.
byJoomlapat, March 24, 2012
Absolute Floating Menu
The devs help me over small difficulties to install the module. Was mostly my error to add —> px (as pixels in the distance configuration input) (Only enter numbers in all distance and size input. Now for a small price I have a beautifully animated fixed box that I can put anywhere on the screen and able to put any other modules or content there. (like Socials Links or anything else). Fantastic. I think it will be probably easy to have more than one floating module box (but not sure?)
byJoomlapat, February 28, 2012
Vinaora Nivo Slider
They did it again... I use other of their smart, lean extension and now....
The perfect (almost perfect - I like more control for the caption) but NOT FOR JOOMLA 1.5 .... I’M DEVASTATED.
byJoomlapat, February 13, 2012
RSS Factory PRO
I use RSS Pro for Years to make Sport News joomla articles from RSS for a big sport portal.

It does the job without any problems/ I end up with nice new Joomla articles with image every day, automatically. Does any other RSS reader can do that?

Always work perfectly and I get a good support from the Developer.

Thank You RSS Pro
byJoomlapat, January 4, 2012
Imagine having a bunch of journalists, editors, administrators loosing their work because Session Lifetime need to be short - 10 minutes to keep Joomla safe.

Well, no more....
byJoomlapat, October 26, 2011
Article Module
I was searching for a replacement for a module that bring article to module placement as it was starting to throw errors in certain servers environments.
I test most of the other...
I use plugins (google map and others plugins includes in my article) — It work Flawlessly.
What really make the difference is the ability to edit in frontend — This is simply brilliant... It put the Joomla content exactly where it should be and centralized it in the Article Manager. This module should be part of Joomla core and hopefully will be ported to Joomla 1.6 up.
On my template I did have to turn off the modification date in each article in the article manager.
For the people that worry for the readmore I suggest to see how (Firebug) your readmore is built (div, class whatever) and simply repeat that snippet of code in your article and simply put your own link in there. The advantage here is flexibility. You have total control of what is show in the front article and the link to the real article.
byJoomlapat, March 12, 2011
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I want to give a special mention first, for that fantastic module, second for the patience and friendliness of the developer.

Service like this makes you beleive in Joomla!

What can you do with this module:
You can bring tons of videos from a single or different Youtube Channels and present them on your site the best way possible. All that can be on the same page/article by embedding the single or different modules without any conflict...

The module bring to your site thumbnails of the last Videos from any channels and the Title that accompany them. You can present them horizontally and vertically and with a little bit of css know how, you can achieve that perfect look for your site.

The module refresh for the new videos on the channels (you set the length of time between refresh)

The advantage of the thumbnails is that is way faster to load than an actual embed YouTube Video, I personally made a page with close to 30 channels presenting each 8 videos (all that in an accordion slider plugin given by another developer) and the page load in an acceptable time span for a good connexion (The page load 240 thumbs)

Best of all, each videos can be viewed in the native Joomla modal box.

I encounter small problems to fit what I need and it was done promptly by the developer. Thank’s!

Thanks I love it. Without too much knowledge I add easily some class in the php files to get top notch control. The code is clean, light and relatively simple to modify, even for php complete newbies like me....

Not enough stars to rate...
byJoomlapat, August 10, 2010
Qlue Accordion
This is what you want in a module... Simple, clean & efficient, I look everywhere for something like this.

You can setup what you want in the intro text, images, links no stripping, just what you want.

Easy to customize and look great....

Thanks !
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