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byJoomlapat, May 8, 2010
I try many, but this one is perfect for me. Multilanguage, Full customization and fast response from the develloper.

byJoomlapat, December 7, 2009
I’m making Joomla sites for around 2 years now and I just change recently from another well known Editor (only in an paying version). My main raison at first to switch to JCE is the Support. On that other editor your support was running out after a period of time. When I say run out, it’s really that no forum, no nothing. Even if I support develloppers that type of aftersales services are not welcome. My analogy : You buy a new car and after the warranty is over you cannot buy any parts for it, you can even open the hood...

I make the good choice with JCE.
1— Excellent support
2— You can go with a free , more basic Editor
3— Or in my case go for the paying extensions to have a professional Editor with all the bells and wistles that you need.

Main features for me is the ability to have one set of tools (of your choice) to one user/authors or type of users and the possibility to assign folders to editors/authors.
And so far, I have more possibilities, compare to my other editor.

byJoomlapat, September 22, 2009
Just give a Good rating because I see no way to modify the text use for the backbutton with different language...

Good Job!
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