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byJoomuser798, July 5, 2010
I agree with the comments earlier - I am not a code writer, but I have been with Joomla Components for over 9 years. Firstly, it is true that the administrators just cannot (will not?) accept criticism.. I have been struggling with this component for 2 months! And a very simple project.. It 'broke' again today, that's it, no more. I will happily pay for the right solution.
Support is very, very slow, and even then, not detailed or very helpful.
There are updated daily.. so a constant task to keep files updated. ** Warning** Do *NOT* get involved with this component if you are expecting a few quick mouse clicks.. There is a lot of work as well as a lot of frustration.
Yes, it could be a great product, however, the 'pay now and see how you go' attitude should be a warning that this component still has a long way to go before its a 'no-so-bad' product.
Find something else.. I am.
Owner's reply

I don't mind most of your review, but I do take issue with you claiming we "just cannot (will not?) accept criticism". We listen intently to our users to try to provide the service and solutions they are after. It would have been better for other people reading your review and ourselves if you could have provided an example where we weren't accepting criticism. Perhaps you are confusing your own frustration with not being able to resolve your specific issues with an impression of how we behave in general?

Also I'm surprised you say our support is slow, we really do tend to reply to 90% of subscribers within 24 hours.

I also take offence at the "pay now and see how you go" snipe - that certainly isn't our ethos. The component is free, there are free tutorials, there's a free wiki. There are the resources available to get started. If you then need extra features and support then isn't it fair for us to ask for some kind of payment?