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byJooom, May 19, 2011
We decided to try out Easy Blog for a demanding Joomla 1.6 project and thought we should tell how that panned out months later. The install was quick and easy and the layout of the program very intuitive. In the first few days we had several questions and we received prompt, helpful and informative support each time. The Blog is a solid add on and as expected - easy to use and manage. Without doubt we made a great choice and we got a professional extension that can be used in mission critical environments. Thank you guys. You are part of the fabric that makes Joomla such a huge success.
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Thank you!

byJooom, May 12, 2011
Account Expiration Control
AEC – Account Expiration Membership. Unfortunately the worst experience I had so far in the Joomla World. The program looks promising and we decided to go ahead and invest the time and money needed to implement into our customer website. We used Joomla in about 15 other sites with nothing but success and have used many different extensions with great results. After install of AEC you realize that there are switches for every possible demand when it comes to functionality – not so much when it is about presentation where the program falls behind almost all other extensions. With a extremely complex program like AEC you quickly start to look for the manual – then realizing that it does not exist. You then go to the Forum and realize AEC/Valanx don’t offer help there at all. No, they make a business from charging for support and that’s more than fair – until you find out that they perhaps work out from a clever strategy that goes on making something so extremely complex – then promise a manual – and never deliver leaving customers in a situation where they have to pay big money for help. The more switches you have – the more can go wrong and it did for us. We simply could not make it work and without documentation it's like driving in pitch black without headlights. We still wonder would could happen in a real live situation with hundreds or thousands of members and no support when the thing breaks down. As can be seen in the reviews on July 3, 2010 AEC praised the upcoming manual. More than a year later there is still no manual. On May 24, 2010 they wrote “there is always payable support if you can’t figure it out your self” and the list goes on. This program is way too complicated for anything needed and to me it seems to be for a reason. From my perspective they are now so busy making money from paid support that they don’t even answer to new paid tickets anymore. I have tried to no avail to get some sort of support for the last two weeks but have been unable to establish any communication at all. I have finally asked for a refund because I have not had a chance to use one minute of the support time I have paid for up front. What a surprise no reply to that request either. We worked with these problems for 1 and a half month so it's not because we were not patient. It is stated on their website that they provide refunds if you have not used your support time. AEC even wrote in these reviews on August 24, 2010 that they “offer people to get their money back in case AEC doesn't fit them”. But it's probably easier for these guys to promise something than deliver. Bottom line if you are looking for a professional Membership Extension from a professional company then there are other solutions here on Joomla. So spare yourself for the nightmare we been through with AEC.
Owner's reply

I have no idea how you managed to miss the manual. Going to Support -> Manual on our website seemed rather straightforward to me.

Yes, if you cannot figure it out by the Manual, the FAQs or the Video Tutorials, there is paid support which, by the way, I don't make any money from as the money people pay for support goes directly to my support staff. Put differently: I have set up the system in such a way that I do not profit from support because that would encourage just the behavior that you are suspecting. And I don't want that to happen.

Next you write that you did not get any reaction to your ticket. Well, I'm not sure how that was supposed to work out - I searched our system and found your ticket - you had closed it right after opening it.

Then, you entered a refund request on the 11th - at 8pm my time, which is not really standard business hours. The next day, you file this review and claim that we didn't answer you. Even more than that, you claim that this is somehow a way in which we rip of customers to make money. I have no idea how you imagine that we have pulled this off for years, now.

Needless to say, you signed up for your account more than a month ago, which technically puts you far beyond our 14day money back policy.

I won't even go into the Forum thing because a Forum that tells you straight away: "Please do not expect support like on the ticket system here" should be rather simple to understand. We do participate in the forum and try our best to keep up. But if you want support, that's just not what it is there for.