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byJooqui, November 10, 2011
Honestly, I used a lot of them. And then I tried sobipro. After I installed it the first time I was very surprised. It works out of the box.
Then I tried to customize it a bit and it scared me at the beginning.
So I risked it and bought the club subscription to get access to the docs. I have to say it was worth it.
Not just that the documentation is good. I have to admit it is not quite completed but they apparently working on it.
But mainly because then I realized how powerful and flexible the template system of sobipro is.
It is just awesome!!
After I read a bit about XSL i was able to do incredible magic tricks with it.
And because it is possible to create multiple directories with this component I can use it for many purposes on the site. It's just cool - one component which allows to so many things.
Thanks guys :)
byJooqui, November 10, 2011
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Akeeba Backup
Today I just cannot imagine how to run a joomla site without having Akeeba backup.
It's just the best extension I ever used. I am developing my sites on a local server (JAMP)and you cannot imagine how easy to transfer my site from the local server to the live server.
Only one thing which could be a bit better; the design. I mean, it is not so important but the design, especially kickstart, is quite ugly :(
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review! Well, I never claimed to be a decent web designer; I am just a PHP developer. If you have a good proposal for improving the layout of Kickstart and the Akeeba Backup Installer (without significantly increasing the file size and without using images) please feel free to contact me. I am always open to suggestions for improvement!