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byJoris85, July 4, 2014
Facebook Wall Feeds
At first it was a heel of a job to find out where to get all the ID's and Acces tokens but the support was good and now it works good.

Make sure if you have no knowledge of Facebook apps and those id's you first read the manual and that well safe you allot of time :-)
byJoris85, July 2, 2014
Event Booking
I always want things a little different...

So i had some issues and they gave fantastic fast support and helped me to create the perfect extension for me.

The extension is definitely worth the price!

So i gave an Excellent for these developers!
byJoris85, June 18, 2014
mavik Thumbnails
Well this extension looks like what i want but my website's are most of the time 3.x versions.

Is there an update?
Owner's reply

New version (2.0) is testing now.

byJoris85, November 25, 2013
I maked at first the mistake to use a bad database so was not happy but it was all my fault. With the good database it was just a few seconds work!
byJoris85, October 25, 2013
Joomla is for my clients sometimes difficult.
Create a menu-item with an article.
Go to administrator - make article - make menu-item (yes you can choose many differents...) and link it to the article.

This is one of the nice solutions of Silver Admin. Move modules at the frontend by clicking the position you see :-) fantastic! Ordering menu items with one click in the frontend!

Now i can say to my clients: "Joomla is easy to use" :-)
byJoris85, October 16, 2013
Universal AJAX Live Search
I had some problems and they helped me out good and fast.

Nice work guys and keep developing!
byJoris85, October 13, 2013
Advanced Module Manager
This is a default module in my joomla sites.
I use the colors for organizing my modules and a am always suprised if i want to assign a module to a specific thing it is always possible with Module manager!
The nonumbers extensions are just fantastic and good support, updated often an easy without any problems. A must have in your joomla if you like to do nice stuf :-)
byJoris85, July 12, 2013
Content Fake
Its not that it works bad bad i rather want the oscontent for 3.X because than you have the articles already.

but for creating sitemap on a test site its handy but i think double work.

what you get is an component that you can assign when making a new menu with some options for text and image. later you can re-assign the menu to the real article or something else.
byJoris85, May 15, 2013
It is a fantastic extention!!
I build up almost all my website menu structures with articles with this extension!
Does it already work on joomla 3.0?
byJoris85, February 16, 2013
J Slideshow
Its an easy to setup module for 12 images and tooltips with links.
I had a problem and they solved it very fast even it was my z-index fault :-)

So thanks for the fast support and the nice and easy module!
byJoris85, June 18, 2012
AcyMailing Starter
I use the payed and free versions for many customers.
this is so easy to use and many fantastic options. i had a problem with rsform creating a submission.
The service to help you out with a problem cannot be better! Thank you so much Adrien and go on with the good and personal support.
byJoris85, June 6, 2012
I came in troubles because i want something what i could not find out myself in this system.
and i had errors so i contact Andrew Datso.
He helpt me very fast and very good. I am happy. And for the people who are complaining about the 21,- euro. Thats just sad. if you count the time between building yourself and buying this it is nothing. Everybody needs money and everybody does it in is own way. Don't like it than don't buy it :-)

Thanks Andrew!