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byJorkie, May 9, 2011
Rentalot Plus
First of all, support for this paid extension is really, really good. If you got some special request, they are willing to implement it into the next release (within reasons of course). The guys who develop this component are very nice too, and I think they are deeply committed to this project and are willing to develop it long-term.

I used this component to build a simple website for rental of an apartment (short stay). You could take a peek at It is build on Joomla 1.6. I chose RentaLot Plus at first, because it is Joomla 1.6 compatible. My experience level for Joomla: 4 1/2 years. I used the standard Atomic template with RentaLot Plus to build the website.

- Price (build this thing yourself for €35,- don't think so..), competing compon. are also a bit more expensive (around €50,-)
- Support A+++, and quick responses
- Very flexible
- Fast updates
- No impact on loading time of website and performance.
- Straightforward administration of bookings, and payment accounts.
- Cross-browser compatible
- It is easy to set this thing up, and customize it.

- Text translation of the front-end of the component is a bit scattered in the backend of the component and in the language files. I personally prefer to have this in one place (in language file or in the backend). But you could differ in opinion on this matter.
- All styling of the component in .css files, and classes or id's for the different elements(BUT e-mailed a support request about where I could find the styling of buttons in the code and the "yes those dates are available" and the "sorry those dates are not available" text when doing an availability search. Next day they updated the component with these features and lengthened my download subscription with a month for free... Woooow, how's that for support!)
- Can't think of anything else.

I can really recommend RentaLot Plus as a booking component!! I used it for a simple one-apartment booking component, and it works like a charm. No regrets at all, think the client will be happy with it too.
byJorkie, August 12, 2010
Art Adminer
Download, install, set your password (database & user database are automatically recognized) and your up and running. Very very easy. Got 10 seconds of my time, and no errors or whatsoever. Thanks, now I do not need to look up my url for phpmyadmin, search for the plesk password etc. etc. Very convenient. This component will save me a lot of time. Hope the creator of this component will keep it compatible with updates of Joomla and keep developing it.
byJorkie, July 5, 2010
GMapFP : Google Map
Excellent!! All this work provided for free, thank you Fabrice. Too kind! I first tried the GoogleMaps plugin which is the first in the Maps Extension and has the label popular. Main disadvantage of that plugin is that it cannot be used (at time of writing) in a module position and has some issues with JCE. This one doesn't. Recommended and favored!!
byJorkie, December 17, 2009
I completely disagree with benedetti's review. This is a great extension and support is uber! For a price of 9.99 euro's :-) if you ask me... that IS cheap!

A clear step-by-step tutorial is included with the component and the developer of the component is really fast in replying if you need any help. He took a lot of time to help me out with an error, so even if you are a newbie with joomla or coding websites.. don't hesitate to buy this component!

Article generator did not cause the error, but the error was on the hostingprovider's side (who blocks all external url includes). The hostingprovider fixed this, and article generator is up and running.

About the functionality of the component: There are a lot of options in the component to fit it to your specific needs. I do not use all the options, but if you need extra tweaking these options are there.

For styling the frontend with css, the joomla template you activated for your website will take care of it. So dive in your template.css for styling options of your specific needs.

For those who cannot read german: the gtranslate joomla plugin is installed on the developers site. So the site is readable if you do not speak german.

Conclusion: great extension! support: A+++! Worth every penny!