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BreezingForms (Lite)
Certainly is Breezing, but the Email Isn't so Good
Without reading any instructions on this extension it was relatively easy to build forms. Once I got the hang of it, making them was a breeze as the title implies. The link back in the form was understandable considering that this was the free version. But the email aspect was not very friendly. When creating a form that sends an email to a recipient, it says at the beginning "Get BreezingForms Full Version! More features, no footers, no messages: (download link)".

Not very friendly for professional use. Crosstec makes some good stuff for sure, but this is a big turn off for the free version.
Owner's reply


First of all thank you for this 'nice' easter present by down rating our extension.

Just today (on a public holiday), we helped at least 10 lite users. Yesterday it was even more and as thank you we receive pretty unfair reviews like this.

This review is unfair because of these reasons:

- in this listing there is a prominent editor note that there is a back link to the developer, so everybody should know befor there are back links.

- due to the nature of the gpl you can remove these links easily. We even give advise in our forums.

- this is the first time I am reading a review like this because of a developer back link. There are many many extensions that have back links, too, so we are the ones now who are suffering in substitution for all of them?

Breezingforms is and stays one of the best and most useful extensions for joomla - with or without back links, so the back links stay.

So, why are there back links anyway:

- last year or so, the jed editors changed the listing name from 'free' to 'lite' without notice. A game changer as the free version was not intended to be a lite but the previous version of the commercial one.

- therefore we had to transform over time the free to the lite, with a lot less features. Since there was only a small back link in one of the form modes, we removed all from the frontend, having them just in email notifications (you get the fairness point, right?)

- then 3 times the jed editors removed and re-added the back link note, although there was no frontend footer at all.

- after the last re-add we added the footer back, to prevent further confusion and being in-synch what the listing says. But only for new installs. Updated one still don't have any frontend back links (!)

However, there are different jed editors and each sees things differently, so we adjust on the current rules and opinions within the jed, as they are doing a great job and we don't want to nag them on all of their decisions. I think that's understandable.

But it cannot be that we have to suffer in substitution for all of those who use back links.

I will discuss with my team how to deal with this. For quite a while we already feel to give up the free lite entirely because it is very exhausting to give professional support for free like hamsters in a wheel, with rare to zero positive outcome (we like kudos, too) and safe that time for our customers.

Happy Easter.

byJoshlewis, March 15, 2014
EasySocial for Kunena
It goes greatly appreciated that the stacked team collaborated with the Kunena team to build a plugin that works with the best profile system in the Joomla world. It even displays the forum post status icon which is a nice little bonus.

Keep up the great work, you guys are making dreams come true. :-D
byJoshlewis, September 4, 2013
I've used this tool quite a few times for migrating from Joomla 1.5 to 1.7. Again from Joomla 2.5 to 3.1. Then used it for saving my content from a hacked site. This tool has saved me a lot of work. This extension cuts out a lot of the disk in manually importing and exporting article data with their proper owners/categories.
byJoshlewis, August 21, 2013
Works as it says right out of the box. Would be nice if it worked on the front end, but besides that is a neat little addition to Joomla.
byJoshlewis, May 22, 2013
Custom Text Button
I'm glad to see this extension working just fine on Joomla 3.1.1. Support was swift when I was questioning whether the extension was Joomla 3 compatible. It's also very light weight and inserts what you would expect.
byJoshlewis, May 21, 2013
RedactorJS Editor
I've used the RedActor editor elsewhere so I know how it operates. StackIdeas has done a fine job integrating this nice editor into Joomla. Now I will say that it isn't the best editor out there, but it's pretty good and certainly goes the basics needs of a editor. This is no fault of stackideas. The editor lacks little additions like advanced set ups on tables (cell padding, class, padding, ect). Also the editor bar does not float the top when you scroll down which makes it harder to make text bold when your half way down the article (considering that you have to scroll all the way back up). However this extension still wins 5 stars for putting off a great start. Keep up the good work.

Cheers Josh Lewis
byJoshlewis, April 23, 2013
CComment Core
Version 4 was pretty good. But the latest version that Daniel has made has a modern feel to it. The comments are posted without reloading the page. A great comment extension overall.
byJoshlewis, April 11, 2013
Event Gallery
This is by far one of the best made galleries in Joomla. I've seen some pretty good galleries in my time, but this one stands out. Support was very good. They even added a feature that I requested at a fast pace. The styling is perhaps the best out of any Joomla gallery extension out there. I guess the best things in life are free after all.
byJoshlewis, February 18, 2013
I admit this extension was better than I expected. Not saying I had low expectations either. I love how you can adjust the hill shading, set the default map type to Google Terrain (Physical), and it allows one to download the track. It would be nice if the track information had a way to show imperial measurements (I personally like metric better but my users would rather have imperial). Thanks for creating this nice extension. Well done.
Owner's reply

Hi, and thanks for your kind review. As for imperial measurements: They are already available, and you can use them by editing the Layout Template files (I have just updated the documentation on that, to make it more clear how to use this feature). See Documentation -> Options Reference -> Layout Templates on the Plugin homepage for more.


byJoshlewis, January 9, 2013
I worked with Mario in the making of this extension. I helped test and sharpen the idea. He did very well at the creation of this simple but well built plugin. Not only does it allow you to choose usergroups, but this makes it possible to make it so when a user looks at his own articles it does not add hits. But when that user looks at other articles that he/she didn't write the hits are still counted. This also works with the extension Joomgallery for the hit counter. I've wanted this for a long time and am happy that someone went out to make it at a very cheap price.
byJoshlewis, January 2, 2013
JSN ImageShow PRO
I've tested out many other slideshows in the JED. This one is hands down the best one. Plenty of options, works very well, looks great, and good forum support. Joomlashine is up there on my favorite Joomla sites. This extension is well thought out. Plus they update frequently and are working with the latest versions of Joomla.

Thank You for your hard work.
Cheers Josh Lewis
byJoshlewis, November 28, 2012
Frontend Content Manager
This is a neat extension that allows you to manage your content. However it has multiple issues in my case. I was not able to edit the ACL parameters and cannot search in the list when logged in as an admin. But I liked how you could manage and create categories from the front end which is certainly something I'd like to see in the core of Joomla some day. Keep in mind I am using the free version which is the older version. But the newer version requires a subscription. The free version has no support. So given all the pluses and minuses I'd say 3 stars is fair.
byJoshlewis, November 28, 2012
MarkItUp HTML Editor
I do appreciate how simple this editor is which it did it's job just fine. However from my experience it is not very advanced. I tried pasting in images from other sites which it does not insert. This is more of a blank editor that has buttons that do things (bold, image, ect.)

Certainly not a bad editor, but I was hoping for a bit more. I'm sure some folks will find this extension useful for simplicity.
Owner's reply

Thank you for trying the extension and for sharing your experience with it.
It should be noted for others that this is not a WYSIWYG editor, but rather, an HTML editor for those who like to edit the raw HTML of articles.

For that reason it's not going to have advanced 'editor' features you might find in other WYSIWYG editors which are typically designed for those less experienced and those who need to have HTML prettied up for them.

byJoshlewis, November 9, 2012
AlphaUserPoints - Next Rank
This is a neat little extension for showing the next rank for users. For those wanting to encourage ranks I'd recommend this module.
byJoshlewis, November 6, 2012
CB Random User
This module makes for a nice little addition to my frontpage. It works as it says. I wish there was a module class suffix so that I could style the module content to my liking.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your time to review!

We appreciate your feedback. ;-)

byJoshlewis, October 27, 2012
iJoomla Speed Check Module
Tested it out today which it seems quite accurate. To confirm it's accuracy I even ran it along side Kunena's timer which they were very similar. The copyright notice is a little annoying, but this is a test speed module which is not meant to be displaying all the time. Thanks for making this extension.
byJoshlewis, October 20, 2012
I've tested out many video plugins in the JED which there are some good ones out there. However, this one surpassed my expectations. Starting out it was great to begin with, but I decided "what can be done to make this better?". So I contacted support asking about adding a feature to allow full youtube url which they were quick to reply. In a short amount of time the feature was added to the main plugin. I then requested another feature be added which was custom tags to make it so that I could make the syntax what ever I wanted. Sure enough they responded quickly and before long the feature was also added. This plugin also has some other interesting parameters which I have yet to see in the other youtube plugins. So in my opinion this is the best youtube plugin in the JED. Big thanks to the developers!
byJoshlewis, October 14, 2012
This is hands down the best point system in the entire JED. Yes Bernard is sometimes too busy to reply to every post of mine, but replies to many and has made a very well made component. I would certainly recommend this to folks wanting a point system.
byJoshlewis, October 5, 2012
Smooth MenuMatic
This is a neat extension for boosting the main default menu in Joomla. The CSS in my template wasn't fit for the built in joomla menu so as a result I had to do some CSS customization (which is not the owner of this extensions fault). I then wanted to style up the menu which I had troubles with, the owner replied very fast and pointed me in the right direction. I changed the h-nav id to nav which made it easier to customize. Now my menu is working great and looks nice. I also like how this extension is light weight (14 kb).

Thanks for making this, I would recommend this to others.
byJoshlewis, May 27, 2012
This is certainly the best FREE Comment system for Joomla! And even better they have some of the best support I have ever seen. Very fast replies (within an hour at times). I request a few additions which were added quite fast. Can't wait until the comment system is portable. Well done Komento Team!
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