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byJoshlewis, October 27, 2012
iJoomla Speed Check
Tested it out today which it seems quite accurate. To confirm it's accuracy I even ran it along side Kunena's timer which they were very similar. The copyright notice is a little annoying, but this is a test speed module which is not meant to be displaying all the time. Thanks for making this extension.
byJoshlewis, October 20, 2012
I've tested out many video plugins in the JED which there are some good ones out there. However, this one surpassed my expectations. Starting out it was great to begin with, but I decided "what can be done to make this better?". So I contacted support asking about adding a feature to allow full youtube url which they were quick to reply. In a short amount of time the feature was added to the main plugin. I then requested another feature be added which was custom tags to make it so that I could make the syntax what ever I wanted. Sure enough they responded quickly and before long the feature was also added. This plugin also has some other interesting parameters which I have yet to see in the other youtube plugins. So in my opinion this is the best youtube plugin in the JED. Big thanks to the developers!
byJoshlewis, October 14, 2012
This is hands down the best point system in the entire JED. Yes Bernard is sometimes too busy to reply to every post of mine, but replies to many and has made a very well made component. I would certainly recommend this to folks wanting a point system.
byJoshlewis, October 5, 2012
Smooth MenuMatic
This is a neat extension for boosting the main default menu in Joomla. The CSS in my template wasn't fit for the built in joomla menu so as a result I had to do some CSS customization (which is not the owner of this extensions fault). I then wanted to style up the menu which I had troubles with, the owner replied very fast and pointed me in the right direction. I changed the h-nav id to nav which made it easier to customize. Now my menu is working great and looks nice. I also like how this extension is light weight (14 kb).

Thanks for making this, I would recommend this to others.
byJoshlewis, May 27, 2012
This is certainly the best FREE Comment system for Joomla! And even better they have some of the best support I have ever seen. Very fast replies (within an hour at times). I request a few additions which were added quite fast. Can't wait until the comment system is portable. Well done Komento Team!
byJoshlewis, April 7, 2012
BreadCrumbs Advanced
Simple, light weight, and effective. Earlier tonight I was thinking to myself "if only Joomla had a way to shorten breadcrumbs"... Then I searched though the extensions and found this extension. Did just what I wanted and expected. Speed was not negatively effected as a reviewer below has said.

Thanks for making this. :-D
byJoshlewis, March 24, 2012
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Vinaora Nivo Slider
At first glance this was perhaps my favorite jquery slideshow module. There were a few bugs in the older versions which they fixed which I was pleased to see it working almost perfectly.

But there is one big issue with this which is that it creates an extra slide in the slideshow that links back to the author. Normally that would not be a big deal, but I was using this extension to showcase websites I've created which hence would not honestly reflect my work. If the author very much wants a backlink, it would be better to put it at the bottom rather than add an extra slide.

I attempted to contact the author via a comment on the page (considering that it seems to be the only way) which someone else agreed that this addition is annoying.

I'm writing this review in hopes that the author would change this. Or if not, informing everyone else about this hidden addition. I do appreciate the work that the author has put into this extension.
byJoshlewis, February 25, 2012
CB AlphaUserPoints Activity
Does just what it says. Currently tested on CB 1.8 + AUP 1.7.1 + Joomla 2.5.1 which it works just fine. I would recommend an option to be able to control how many activity items display.
byJoshlewis, January 26, 2012
Article Categories for ContentBuilder
This is a must have plugin for ContentBuilder. This increases the searchability and allows you to place articles in the proper section. Glad this extension was made.
byJoshlewis, January 19, 2012
Insert HTML for the JCK Editor
After using this extension I am left asking myself why every editor doesn't have a plugin like this one. This takes out the hassle of going back and forth between html mode and editor mode.
Owner's reply

Thanks Josh for showing your support for this plugin. I am delighted that you like it.

byJoshlewis, January 5, 2012
News Calendar
I've used almost every calendar extension for joomla and this was by far the best one. It is light weight, speedy, good looking, and easy to configure. The support was great as well which they helped me with a customization.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a mini calendar for joomla content. Thanks for your good efforts.
byJoshlewis, January 4, 2012
New Users for Community Builder
This is one of the best CB Modules ever created. For those who have used Aidanews2, this is like the Community Builder version of it. It allows me to show only people with profile pictures and control where things display (username, profile pic, ect). I'm very pleased to see it upgraded to work with joomla 1.7
byJoshlewis, January 1, 2012
What? Nothing!
This extension puts all others to shame. Joomla will never be the same with this extension installed. And who says an extension has to do a ton of stuff to be good?
byJoshlewis, January 1, 2012
I was digging though the Popups & iFrames section of the JED wondering which extension would be best to use. After doing some research I eventually stumbled upon another one of NoNumbers fabulous extensions that beat my expectations. What I love about Modalizer is it gives you many options of themes and pop up types. It even allows you do make beautiful popups for menu items and external links. This extension deserves 5 stars and was well made. Thanks again for your hard work!
byJoshlewis, December 27, 2011
To Here for googleDirections
Works very nice like it says. The only two problems are that you have to have the other two googlemaps extensions which I try to have as few plugins as possible. The other thing is the user has to manually figure out the coordinates, if there was some sort of easy insert button this would be a stellar extension. But non the less this is the best joomla directions extension that I've used so far. I was able to nicely embed it into tabber making a nice tab for directions.
byJoshlewis, November 23, 2011
Read Less - Text
The original beta version of read less text for joomla 1.7 had quite a few bugs in it which one by one the bugs were fixed. They were very quick to response to my messages for help and helped me with a customization of my blog display. Now the extension is working just fine as it should. If your like me and want a extension that makes article blog display only a limited amount of text and resize the first thumbnail of an article, then this is the right extension for you. Thanks for your hard efforts!
byJoshlewis, November 20, 2011
read less title
The support is very nice, even when I once forgot to reply saying that a problem was fixed they asked me if their solution helped fix the problem. There are some very minor things to work out in the beta version, but for the most part it is working just fine. Thanks for making this extension joomla 1.7 compatible.
byJoshlewis, November 19, 2011
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Phoca PDF
Thanks Phoca team for brining back the PDF's. I see I have a little more control over the display of the PDF's which is very nice. In my case a template over write was necessary, but at no fault of phoca pdf. It was pretty simple, and instructions on how to do this is on their website. I would recommend this to anyone who wanted joomla content to be pdf's automatically with a simple button on the frontend.
byJoshlewis, November 18, 2011
Advanced Search for ContentBuilder
This is the extension that gives content builder a lot more power to it. This is the only free native content advanced search (required content builder) extension that I know of. But it is a very good one that makes finding specific content easier.
byJoshlewis, November 14, 2011
JCH Optimize
Excellent extension! I am very impressed. I was worried that it would conflict with javascripts and such which for the first few seconds it did. Then I found a option for disabling combining javascripts which fixed the problem instantly! This extension was more simple but highly functional that I had anticipated. This certainly sped up my site as it said it would. Tested it with internet explorer too which works just fine for viewing.
Thank you for this nice extension!
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