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byJoshlewis, June 16, 2010
Core Design Web Gallery
At first I thought this was going to be another casual gallery extension, but then tried it out, not only is it good for images, but works great for joomgallery, now convienience is well on its way for my site. Thanks for sharing this!

Cheers Josh Lewis.
byJoshlewis, May 31, 2010
SOBI2 fo Community Builder
It works just like it says, the only slight issue (and this is not much of an issue) is when I look at the tab on google chrome, under the catigory section where it adds the bullet point, it adds a second bullet point, but besides that, this is an awesome plugin, a must have for those who use both community builder and sobi2. Thanks for creating this.
byJoshlewis, May 22, 2010
JCal Pro
I thought this component was quite well designed, especially with the community builder plugins and such. One thing that it lacks is the ability for users to register for the calendar (although I suppose that is more of an events deal), but besides that, this componet was very nice.
byJoshlewis, March 10, 2010
Admin Forever
I've wanted an extension like this for quite some time, it gets bothersome when logged into the admin section and then get auto logged out because I had something I had to do. Thanks for making this, one of my favorite admin extensions out there!
byJoshlewis, March 10, 2010
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Suggest, Vote, Comment, Bribe
I tried out the demo, it looked very good and simple, but a major downer is that it seems to perhaps not work with internet explorer 7. Not only would I not be able to view suggestions but so would the person suggesting, so if this bug was fixed, this would be an exellent extension, I still give it a fair rating considering it probably works decent with other browsers.
Cheers Josh Lewis.
byJoshlewis, October 28, 2009
Advanced Module Manager
This is impressive! I think this should be something that comes with joomla! It does what it says, makes it a lot easier to edit stuff, and helps seeing what modules on what menu's are visible.
byJoshlewis, October 14, 2009
My favorite joomla translator! The update today make it very impressive, although I been using it for a while, the updated version does not reload the page and is fast and does not effect the url. Thanks for creating this. Cheers Josh Lewis.
byJoshlewis, October 12, 2009
Editor Switcher
Not only does it work for the admin section, but also works well for the front end! It's easy and convenient. Thanks for sharing this. Cheers Josh Lewis.
byJoshlewis, September 18, 2009
Hotspots Pro
It's a pretty good component, unfortuntly it does not let me map outside of roads, an example when my place mark is on a mountain, after posting, it automatically places the place mark to the nearest road. If this component did not do that, it might be just what I need. It's great for street maps and such. Also in the admin panel I like the option of having the post link to an article, which if you could do this in the front end, that too would be awesome! Great job on this component. Cheers Josh Lewis.
byJoshlewis, September 18, 2009
Multi Author Tab
I've wanted something like this for a while. Thanks for creating it! Does exactly what it says which is convienient for separating the catigories on the cb tab. Well made! Cheers Josh Lewis.
byJoshlewis, June 18, 2009
CB Rank Field
Very good idea! If only it worked on tabs as well, I use alpha user points, and if there was a way to rank off of that, it would be perfect! Thanks for the plugin. Cheers Josh Lewis.
byJoshlewis, May 26, 2009
Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
Don't listen to them! There's a thing called testing before using it for long term use, anyways this is a wonderful extension! Very Well thought up of! Congrats! And Thanks for creating this! Cheers Josh Lewis.
byJoshlewis, May 1, 2009
It seems as if you can only do this through backend through key refference, if there was a way to do this in front end, my goodness, this would be nearly perfect for me! The mapping system is impressive, and does what it says. Thanks for sharing! Cheers Josh Lewis.
byJoshlewis, April 8, 2009
mavik Thumbnails
Very nicely done! I love how well designed this is! A very well made solution for my site for those smaller photo's, makes less hasile for linking images to there originals. Thanks for creating this! Cheers Josh Lewis.
byJoshlewis, April 8, 2009
Wonderful extension, but there's an error. It does'nt seem to want to generate the thumbnails, all my photo's on my site turn into the error image, when you click it, it links to the original. If this were fixed, I would use it, and for sure give it two thumbs way up! Keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing! Hope this someday gets fixed. Cheers Josh Lewis.
Owner's reply

Еhe path to the images should be the /images/stories/image.jpg, and not

Сan be realized, and thumbnail images that are outside of the siteю


byJoshlewis, December 21, 2008
CSS Gallery
Well done! Easy to use. All though at first I uploaded my photos to a directory called gallery and it did not work until I read that you have to create it in images/stories but after that, worked perfect! Also it hardly takes up any space! Thanks for sharing! Cheers Josh Lewis.
byJoshlewis, December 16, 2008
Ozio Gallery
Well done! This one deserves a round of aplause! So many features... although it takes a while to set up, it is totally worth it! From 3-D to slide show mode. Thanks for sharing! Cheers Josh Lewis.
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