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byJozoko, July 28, 2011
Finally, was waiting for the 1.7 version of it. Thank you, good job as always.
byJozoko, July 25, 2011
JV Twitter
This module works absolutely excellen on Joomla1.7, and I think it'll also works properly on 1.6 as 1.7 was only a security update with a few more features. It doesn't even has ads, it has the follow button and everything and you can adjust it to your needs. If you were looking for a nice twitter display as you saw on other website's, then don't look any further and take the time to register and download this module.
byJozoko, July 13, 2011
Login Register
Just install this and replace the original login module. Works likes a charm, ReCaptcha works perfect eitherway.
byJozoko, July 13, 2011
Security Images
Simply download this and install it through the extension manager, goes smoothly on Joomla1.6 . Then just go to the plugin manager, adjust settings, I recommend using 'ReCaptcha' (but you have to request an API key) and then you hit save and your done. You can also set on which forms you want it to appear! (register etc.)