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byJudahraine, September 12, 2014
Janrain Login bridge with jFusion
My previous review was rejected based on the fact that I was requesting support. I am not requesting support. I have given up requesting support. My review is based on the fact that there is no response to support if you are asking to cancel their service. It seems you only get support for paid packages and definitely not if you want to cancel their service. I have had to resort to the extreme measures of deleting any and all api's that might be connected with them in order to ensure that janrain no longer has any link to my site. They have no facility to cancel your account should you no longer wish to work with them and they do not respond to email contact. Why the heck should I request support or feature when they cannot respond via conventional channels. My review is: if you don't wish to be forever linked to a service you find you don't want, avoid them like the plague. It's a review, not a support request. As a potential client I have the right to decide whether or not I want a service. Denying me that right breaks every law in the book. If they cannot be trusted to get this right, how can they be trusted with a paid service??
byJudahraine, November 19, 2012
At the outset, I need to stress that I am utterly clueless in all things php and similar. Having said that, I looked at a number of options before going with Cobalt 7 and have to say I'm still awaiting responses to pre-purchase questions on some of them!!

Despite my limitations I have managed to put together a site with (for me) some complicated permissions, custom forms and article layouts... What stands out for me here is the client service - these guys are phenomenal when it comes to patience, explanations, helping me learn

Cobalt 7 may be new but even as a novice I see tremendous potential and look forward to additional features in Cobalt 8. It's actually fairly simple once you get the hang of how things fit together, and the team have walked with me every step of the way. I am impressed and do not regret my choice at all