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Jude Terror

byJude Terror, February 12, 2011
WEBO Site SpeedUp
I installed the free version of WEBO today, and it immediately disabled the administrator section of my site. None of the menu links work, nor do the page navigation options in pages like the plugin manager. Worst of all, I cannot click on "Components" in the extension installer, so I am unable to remove this component. If I can't figure out how to manually remove webo, I'll have to restore my site from a backup. Total disaster.
Owner's reply

In some rare cases .htaccess changes can conflict with current server environment. To quickly restore website functionality it is enough to copy .htaccess.backup to .htaccess in the website root (or remore rules within # Web Optimizer ... # Web Optimizer end in .htaccess file).
We also will be very pleasant if you contact support about this issue and we can trace and improve this perfect applicastion.