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byJulesM, December 29, 2010
My first reaction was irritation because I didn't see a good demo. But I took the gamble and about 15 minutes later I had a module in a right sidebar, scrolling thumbnails and titles of the most popular items on the client's site.

This is one of those few extensions that does so much more than what can be displayed in a demo, or explained in in a few words.

What's more, it does everything right out of the box, no serious tweaking necessary.

Great job, well done and thank you!!!
byJulesM, November 6, 2010
I had no faith when I installed this little 7kb plugin since I had been searching for a solution for days. No other is as simple and as effective as this one. Oh and did I mention it's a mere 7kb?

Excellent work. Well done and thank you.