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byJulesM2, July 27, 2013
JA Job Board
If there were a rating worse than "Very Poor" I would've chosen that.

This component simply does not work. It does not work as advertised and it does not work as one would expect a Jobs Board to work.

I've had nothing but tremendous issues with it right from the start. Even elementary functions, like a user upgrading or purchasing a subscription does not work. After posting the issues to the JA Forum and waiting for over a week for a reply without getting it, I've come to the conclusion that Joomlart and its staff do not know how to fix these issues.

They also don't care enough about their customers to tell them that. They care so little about their customers that they keep selling this component, knowing full well that it doesn't work.

I've given Joomlart and its staff root access to the site in question and there should be no excuse for them not have have tended to these issues by now. Unless of course, they know that these issues cannot be fixed.

I should've read these other reviews before purchasing and therefore, I should've known better.