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byJurgentje, March 24, 2014
JA Multilingual
This is a very promising extension in that it combines automatic translation with automatic content coupling. This means it's great if you want to automatically translate your site into one or more different sites (where quality of translation is of lesser importance).
There is no possibility to fine grain what you want to translate though. If you have 200 articles, it will try to translate them all into all offered languages. Afterwards, you end up with a mess of bad translations. Furthermore, the aliases are not based on the translated title, but on the original title, with the language string appended.
I tried it, and ended up with more work tweaking all the translations than I would have when I just did the job manually.
byJurgentje, June 14, 2013
Akeeba Backup
Akeeba backup offers a lot of functionality that even paid for applications don't offer.

I especially like how Akeeba Backup in combination with Kickstarter (also on their site) makes it very easy to migrate your site to a different location (in my case often from or to my localhost to experiment or break stuff).

No need to be afraid of wrecking your live site if you can easily work on an exact mirror of the site - putting a 12.000 article site back takes only a few minutes.

Caution though: if your backup file is not password protected, don't put it online - anyone bumping into it has all the information (including database login, user tables with email addresses, ...). Use a password if you plan on doing this, and delete the file right after you restored it.
byJurgentje, June 14, 2013
Docman is a feature rich document/file management system and I tend to love using it.
Minor fixes come out on a regular basis (fixing bugs). New upgrades or features on the other hand ofter take much longer than the initial estimate.

According to their own claims, this is due to quality control. It surprises me that they keep bumping into this error of estimation. At the end though, they appear to deliver a rock solid product.
byJurgentje, June 14, 2013
This has been my editor of choice since I first discovered it (I think around 2007).

Wat I especially appreciate is the possibilty to have different layouts for different (groups of) users. I typically enable nearly all features for power users. For my less skilled users, I have a very simplified subset of functions that appear.
byJurgentje, May 12, 2009
This is a tool I have been using since day 1 of its discovery.

I've grown into it so much I'm having a hard time writing Joomla code if I have to miss it.

What features do I especially like?
- the ease with which one can see structured information (all data in an object)
- the possibility to check multiple variables (or multiple iterations of the same variable in the course of my program) with a clear description next to them.

I would like to see the option in the backend configuration to only popup if you're logged in as (super) administrator. This way, the popup wouldn't bug other visitors to the site. It would also prevent data popping up to unwanted eyes.

Obviously, this is not a tool that you want to have (or keep running) on a live site. But it's great for debugging - and (nice too) you're able to turn off the component. That way you can have the component on-site, just waiting for you to need it.