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Just Know Computers

byJust Know Computers, August 26, 2012
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I registered just to write this review.

jNews is a wonderful, versatile, powerful component, and it merits a 5-star review simply for how well it works. It is made EVEN BETTER by the spectacular support offered by the jNews team.

Even though I was using the FREE, UNPAID version, a member of their live support team worked with me for over an hour to resolve a problem, and even afterwards gave me his email address so I could follow up with my success and progress. I felt truly appreciated and I wasn't even a paying customer!

In a time and industry where customers are endlessly punished and treated as criminals before they even have the opportunity to pay for a virtual product, the Joobi team provides exceptional service to everyone. As soon as my current business venture becomes profitable I intend to upgrade to a paid package even though the free one suits all my needs. This is a company that has earned and truly deserves my dollar (and yours too).