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byK1kk0z90, June 4, 2013
This extension is simply a masterpiece! It allows to easily create content types and to display them like you want.
I'm using it for making an idea management system, in which users can propose and then discuss ideas. These ideas (I've made a content type for them) can be rated, and then they are displayed ordered by the average of their votes: best rated ideas are shown before others.
Support is simply EXCELLENT!!! Developers answered me on their forum in minutes, for many questions I had. But that's not all. I desperatly needed the possibility to display content items ordered by the average of their rating (for the idea management system I told before), and I was close to a deadline for this project. I asked developers if they could implement this feature, and they implemented it before the date they had planned, and released a beta of the new version of FLEXIcontent containing this feature so that I could use it for my university project before the deadline. Thank you very much for making this extension, and thank you for your great support!