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byK2Joom, July 27, 2012
MaQma Helpdesk
I have tested most of the "helpdesk"/"ticket" extensions on JED and have been a loyal user of RS Tickets for a couple of years, but on a project I needed one key function that RS couldn't give.

Allowing "employees" from the same "company" to be able to share "tickets" submitted by their colleagues.

Helpdesk did it!!

This extension is huge yet easy to use once you read the docs and understand how you wish your helpdask to work.
There a lot of features, dynamic tickets, Departments, Custom Fields, Mail Notification, FAQs, knowledge base, as so much more.

Allow your "staff" to create tickets for your customers, assign the ticket to other staff, automatically change status based on the previous state, add attachments, view ticket logs, create new users, this list keeps going on an on for the feature that are available on the front end.

Set specific departments for users to add tickets to, even create a staff department that only staff can view. Just blown away by how powerful this is.

As for the extensions support, it works, they use this extension themselves, the developers respond timely and are proactive regarding feature requests and any minor issues I have found.

Do not be put of by the price, what you get in comparison to other solutions is a well designed, smart looking, feature packed professional helpdesk solution.

I have not been as excited by an extension since I started using K2 all them years ago.
byK2Joom, July 10, 2012
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Another of those simple but great tools.

Easy to install and use.
Just read the authors instruction above and it will work even in K2 content.
Had this up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Feature request submitted to allow row sorting as well as column.

Great job, great support (not needed but judging by authors repsonse to help requests)
byK2Joom, June 20, 2012
Redirect on Login
With the addition of ACL and language support in recent versions of Joomla, it can be a challenge if you want an easy and flexible control over where users are directed to after logging in.

This extension features a standard Joomla installation process and can be setup in a matter of minutes and if you opt to use the Dynamic Redirects, they even provide examples to get you going.

I had a site with multiple user groups with users covering 4 different languages, all with their own sets of menus based on their group and language.
Simple copy and paste of the example code only required changing of the appropriate menu link IDs.
Assigned these Dynamic Redirects to individual users and to usergroups and hey presto, all redirect taken care of.

Well worth the money compared to how long this could have taken using bodgy hacks or over rides.

Go try the free version.
byK2Joom, June 14, 2012
Counter.GD joomla counter & stats
OK, this is a simple to use module.
Download form their site.
Install on your Joomla site
Go to their site and get the counter id.
Create new module and enter the counter id
Publish and done

Negative for me, is that I wanted a counter to be displayed on the clients site, not one that provides a link to a third party site.

Has some good features though.
byK2Joom, November 19, 2011
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I have recently adopted RS Memberships after using Ambra Sub for the past 18 months.
After testing a variety of other subscription components, I was impressed with the functions provided, its real MVC structure, the support provided plus its integration with K2.
The support at RS is top notch and have always responded timely and efficiently.

Anyone interested in using RS is free to contact me for a a low down.
byK2Joom, June 25, 2011
The demo of this looks awesome with some fantastic features, however their site registration process was flawed, could not login to my account to download the purchase.

For a company that provides an extension to provide support, they have no support themselves.
Repeated tickets submitted, emails even to the parent company and no response.

I had to file a complaint with PayPal to get a refund, which was granted as they failed to respond to it.

Anyone considering to part with $99 for an extension, consider the support you get, none!

I would still consider using this extension as it does have great potential, but I have no confidence in the company.
Owner's reply

Hi K2Joom,

I cannot begin to express how upset I was to hear of your trouble with JForce and our support. When I read about the problems you were experiencing I was extremely disheartened. I have restructured the entire company and re-written almost the entire component. We have completely changed the way our website logs in and registers users. If you would be interested in trying our product and support again I would like to personally extend an apology and provide you with the level of service you should have received.

If you are open to this solution I will make sure that your account is re-activated immediately and I will personally help with any support issues that may arise. I cannot say enough how discouraged I was with the way our support was handled in the past; but I can proudly say now that we are handling things as they should have been, and I would like the opportunity to demonstrate that to you.

I look forward to restoring your confidences in JForce both in our amazing product as well as our improved and refocused dedication to support.

Thank you,
David Hurley

byK2Joom, May 30, 2011
Admin Menu K2
This is one of those simple modules which basically removes the default backend menu which would normally allow you to select Joomla content such as articles, categories, sections etc.

If you or your client is using K2 soley for content creation, then this will prevent then from accidentally creating Joomla content instead of K2.

Use this in conjunction with disabling the Admin Quick Icons, for Joomla Content.

Well done.
byK2Joom, August 29, 2010
OK, this is one of those "does as it says on the tin" extensions.

Cant fault it, it works.
byK2Joom, June 7, 2010
For those of you that are considering downloading K2, please do so.

For those of you that instant trash this extension because you cant get it to work, then consider these options first.

1) Go to for extensive K2 documents, guides, tips and tricks.
2) K2 has a very vibrant user and support community. Pop in to and ask a question.
3) More specifically, you can now Ask Simon, the creator of
4) With those three pieces of support alone, you can easily gain access to dedicated support if you need it.

As with all extensions there is a learning curve, but if your stuck and you dont ask questions, then you will never get the answers.