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byKDeLoach, April 14, 2010
Account Expiration Control
AEC has the "potential" to be very powerful and useful. The reason I decided to use it was the fact that it's crammed full of features and customization options. I have yet to find any other subscription manager that can do what Valanx claims. However, my experience with AEC has been horrible and I will no longer use it for the following reasons.

*SETUP - Very complicated and not at all user friendly. The tooltips are vague and required me to go through the trial and error routine.

*MicroIntegration - Granted I did not use every MI available... The ones I did use appear buggy.

*Processors - Again I didn't use all of them... I did use the PayPal processor and wasn't able to get it to function properly.

*Documentation - There are videos available which I didn't find very helpful. I would have preferred a manual, but they do say it's in the works which is a plus.

*Support - My experience with support wasn't the best and I ended up having to look elsewhere for the solution. They did at least respond to my support request in a timely manner though.

I realize not everyone has had a terrible experience. Unfortunately I cannot claim the same and DO NOT recommend AEC at all.
Owner's reply

Thanks for a review with a little more substance! To reply to the points raised:

SETUP - Do make sure to watch our Video Tutorial which runs you through the usual setup procedure and should cut away most of the trial & error that some people resort to.

MicroIntegrations - "appear buggy"? Software either works or fails, right?

Processors - We have especially PayPal working straight away on hundreds of servers, if it fails for you, the most likely cause are restrictions by your hosting provider.

Documentation - Yup, in the works for the next version.

Support - Not really in scope for a review of the software, but you didn't clarify - seems like we did respond timely, but could we actually help you out?