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byKKeys, December 22, 2011
The RSTicketsPro extension simply works fabulously. I installed this easily - read the quick setup to put everything in order, and I'm ready.

My only delay was trying to find where to edit the CSS to blend the front-end pages with my template background color. I still don't know CSS that well, but Bogdan Catana at the RSJoomla Support Team took a look at my site and was quick to respond with precise instructions including line numbers for both the RSTicketsPro CSS files and changes to my template code (where the template was dictating a certain text box be dark).

In my opinion, that is exceptional service.
byKKeys, April 20, 2011
Ignite Gallery
After using many other gallery extensions, the Ignite Gallery has been the absolute best for my site. The gallery features flexible parameters, straightforward component customization, and an optional download for Joomfish files so I can put all text and descriptions in multilingual format.

Idea: I am would love to see a slideshow/ gallery that will allow different images by lanugage, so I can have text directly in my image designs.
FlexBanner does this for banners, but obviously this does not have a gallery menu. Maybe the talented Ignite Developers want to tackle this for a future version?

Thanks again!