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byKQ9, February 3, 2012
The, Best. For blogs that is.

Out of all the extensions I bought for my website, Easyblog takes the cake as the most worth while money I've spent.

As the name implies, its really EASY.
I love the attention to design as well, in the back-end and specially the front-end. The dashboard feature is one of the best I've seen. Basically gives your bloggers complete, professional front-end control.

One of the requirements for the website I'm working on is, front-end controls, and easyblog dashboard handles it like a champion times three! Never seen any better front-end detailed attention.

Moving more technical,

First the component itself is well-coded, the attention to design is also there, meaning if you want to edit things yourself you won't have much of a hard time.

The component has its own templates system. Almost all of the edits you'll ever do are template related.

Great deal of attention went into the SEF URL re-writing engine.

Last but not least, an incredible support team. Honestly a component without support is like a bare bone meal. I bought the package that has the ticketing system support and I have to say, it's the best support team I've encountered. Even you require features that are not built-in Easyblog, the support team will try to customize it for you. They have customized the SEF URL to my clients specific need, and other various things. They're also fast, even on weekends! Very helpful, and polite.

The first time I actually bother to make an account and write a review.

Thank you Easyblog team. I'm one of those annoying customers who keep on bugging you for customizations ;)