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Kai Lindemann

byKai Lindemann, October 12, 2012
I installed the component shortly after trying a small plugin for embedding external code which didn't work. I didn't prge my cache before installing allvideoshare. When i finally activated a new video in this component my site got smashed. The cause was the little plugin from another manufaturer. I thought allvideoshare did that and asked for support help. They where working for two days on the issue with very friendly mails, installed a complete backup of my site on their server and finally identified that little bitchy plugin as the source of the problem. Gorgeous! My mistake - brilliant support!

The component works like a charm. Nothing else to say here!!! Get it!

byKai Lindemann, June 18, 2011
I'd like to express my thanks like this: Great work, easy to understand, highly customizable, worked out for me in 30 secs. This thing saves a lot of clicks!