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byKandlelight, July 19, 2013
I like that I can use this component as a module on my website.

Was easy to install from what I remember, it's been a while since I've installed this and been using it on my website.

One thing that would make this an OUTSTANDING/EXCELLENT component is adding a star rating along with the testimony. That would make it a total complete package!
byKandlelight, August 14, 2011
I was looking for a booking component that would allow customers to book massages online and that is exactly what this component does! Provides enough customization that I needed to make it work for me!

Look forward to seeing it improve.

I think if I had to say anything bad about the component, it would be that it doesn't seem to center in the area where it displays the calendar and days and that there isn't a clickable link to go "back" after clicking on a date to see if something is available on the schedule. User has to use the back button on the web browser.

Those little things though are just cosmetic and the component functions great.
byKandlelight, April 23, 2011
DPCalendar Lite
Just installed this extension this evening and am so glad to have it. Also, I'm sure that since I just installed it today, I'm probably not even using it to it's full potential yet! Thanks for such an outstanding extension!
byKandlelight, March 24, 2009
The developer has invested a lot of time to create a very nice plugin. Installs easy and comes with great support documents.

If any problems arise, the developer is quick to issue fixes and offer support.
byKandlelight, August 18, 2008
Ignite Gallery
I've had this component and plugin installed for a day now and so far so good.

Had no problems with installation of creating my photo galleries. Changing the background/border colors was extremely easy.

One thing I did notice is that the gallery link is not clickable after creating it. You will need to put a check into the box in order to edit the created gallery.

Love the plugin availability.