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byKarisinkko, February 22, 2013
having over 500 articles is really daunting to migrate to another site but with this is works like a charm. Easy to use, quick and best of all it works straight up. Nicely done.
byKarisinkko, February 22, 2013
Having a solid and configurable editor for Joomla is a requirement of any site that has users that really don't know how to edit articles.

It should be in a Joomla Allstar category!
byKarisinkko, February 22, 2013
This is one of not the best in forums. The hardest thing was, setting the colours of the forum to match our site, and it was just a case of modifying the css to suit. If you know how to use social media sites, then this is easy as well. Also like the anti-spam area as well!
byKarisinkko, February 22, 2013
Advanced Module Manager
I have to say, that this should be in a joomla allstar category! Easy to use, keeps all your modules in line, really easy to use. This is the reason I use Joomla, awesome!
byKarisinkko, February 10, 2013
Works a treat. As soon as you get your head around by how it creates sef url's, then your set. Should be apart of the default Joomla components, it's that good.
byKarisinkko, January 10, 2013
Youtube Gallery
There's seems to be slim pickings in terms of galleries and channels but this works perfectly and is easy to setup, just read the codes in the html, it's really easy. POSITIVES: Easy to install and setup NEGATIVES: Hardest thing was to choose which free template to use, so I went with the Youtube like one. A+
byKarisinkko, September 25, 2012
AcyMailing CB
Have had no problems with interacting with CB, so it does the job, well done.
byKarisinkko, March 9, 2012
AcyMailing Starter
I'd have to say I'm really happy with this, it's ironed out all my follow up emails and manages my news as it happens!
byKarisinkko, December 7, 2011
this is just simply useful and great. I'd love to see if your able to save reports or get them emailed at regular intervals. I just use the print screen button and save them in writer.
byKarisinkko, August 4, 2011
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I'm only starting out with all of this cms but really, this is such an awesome extension.