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Karn Edge

byKarn Edge, May 5, 2008
Mini FrontPage
This is a great module! Spices up a site in seconds! Only real problem is that it inserts the tag to the stylesheet in the body of the template where the module is located. So it makes that page not XHTML compliant due to the link tag not being in the head section. This module is fairly flexible but you cannot change the author/date part without hard coding. According to others, it seems it does not process normal HTML tags in the intro text. Oh and you cannot have more 1 mini-frontpage modules on the same page. Other than that it is a very awesome install, place and go module that will really make your articles stand out better.
byKarn Edge, June 9, 2006
AJAX Shoutbox
Install was very simple and straight forward. I read all the reviews and saw alot of similar things I thought of as well for improvement.

* Settings in admin needs to be cleaner.
* Maybe a button of some sort to turn on/off a "chime" for new messages.

And, my two biggest issues are these:
* If you reload the page entirely, you see the last 10 messages. Which is fine; however, I wish that I could either set a fixed height (vert scrollbar when necessary) and/or set how many messages will stay on the page without reloading. I don't like how it continues to grow and grow until you reload the whole page. (Sorry, I tried setting the 'height' in the css file, but it never seemed to care about that).
* My other big issue for improvement is color coding "Guests" (who put in their own name so they could pretend to be another user) from "Registered" users. Like Blue for registered and green for guests. That'd be a nice add; that or have a prefix added to their name.

However all in all, this is a great mod/com!