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This component was easy to install and configure. The documentation on the site included videos that were easy to follow.

The developer has put a great deal of thought into all the options. Whenever I thought, "gee, I wonder if it can do this..." I would discover, sure enough, the developer had already thought of that, and made it easy to implement.

This is one of those extensions that just make you a very happy Joomla lover.
byKathe, February 26, 2013
Viper Youtube Video Gallery Pro
This module does just what it's supposed to do. I found it easy to configure and it works great! Although it does not mention being Joomla 3.0 compatible, it does seem to be, and also works great on Joomla 2.5 sites.
byKathe, January 24, 2013
RSform Pro
I'm using RSFormPro in a Joomla 3 installation, which is why I chose it. Normally I use a free form component, but since the one I usually use hasn't released a Joomla 3 version yet, I was forced to explore other options.

That is why I gave RSFormPro a try.

I was pleasantly surprised by how solid, well-laid-out, and intuitive it was to figure out how to use. There's a bunch of documentation and tutorial videos on the RSJoomla website but I found I could simply follow the sample forms that are provided.

It was so easy and quick to learn that it saved me a bunch of time in comparison with the free extension I usually choose.

I am going to remember that next time I'm hesitating over spending a little money. (And it really wasn't even that expensive.)
byKathe, May 6, 2012
I have used this extension on two sites. It is relatively easy to figure out and when I had a question the developer was extremely prompt and courteous with an answer. Also there is an active support forum where I was able to search and get the answer to my other question.

The form is attractive on the page, too, and comes with a Captcha element--two more pluses.

Thank you to the developer for making such a nice extension.
byKathe, February 25, 2011
This extension has made the article creation process easier for my clients to understand and accomplish. When they take over the management of their sites, they are delighted to discover how easy it is to add articles and images.

This is also an extremely solid extension, not flimsy or buggy.