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byKimmer1236, May 21, 2010
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
Couldn't have been easier! Thank you.
byKimmer1236, May 9, 2010
Phoca Favicon
I have enough technology understand to stay out of trouble . . . as for knowing what the code is doing, NOPE. But, I do have enough to have virtuemart setup and setting with XML feeds - yes, I can hire developers, lol.

Based on others reviews I decided to give this a try. While not "important" the favicon is a branding tool and one of the first things people see. I also have friends that won't bookmark a page unless it has a unique and interesting favicon! Let's say they are NONtechies, but they are buyers.

This extension was EASY EASY EASY and effective. Sometimes it is OK to have extension that does one thing and does it well. You don't even have to load the .ico file . . . it creates it for you.

SUPER! Thank you.