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byKlementz, October 10, 2009
The reason this component deserves a top-rating is because it brings the full power of Highslide-JS into Joomla and also because the author gives excellent support on his forum.

Be warned: When I say "full power" I mean it, which means there are a LOT of options. This is not for the faint-of-heart or people who just want an easy setup with no effort.

But if you have no problem rolling up your sleeves and getting right into it, then nothing else that I know of will give you full control over the Highslide script inside Joomla, which means you have tons of options for not only image pop-ups and galleries, but html popups too.
byKlementz, September 11, 2007
At first I thought this looked very similar to the file manager provided by my hosting service. But on closer inspection, eXtplorer goes way beyond.

Apparently some things may be slower than the old JoomlaXplorer, but if that is so (I don't notice it), it is more than made up for by the speed of the file management features. Of particular note is the way the whole pathway is at the top in drop down boxes. Need a different sub-directory? Use the end box. Back two levels? No problem. Four levels deep, and want to switch to another directory off the root? Just use the first drop down box. I like it better than the tree, and you don't have to scroll up and down a long tree.

Right-click file features are also great, as well has syntax highlighting. The only area I can see that needs improvement is the file editor: it is a fixed size which is not big enough. You can make the window bigger, but not the editing area. That's not quite enough for me to bump it from Excellent to Good, but I would take off half a star for that. I guess that means I give it an A-.

Thanks for a great program.
byKlementz, December 25, 2006
Simple Image Gallery
This little mambot is a great way to have small galleries inside content items. I downloaded, installed, and had a gallery up and online within a few minutes. Cool!

What I am not sure about is where the thumbnails are? I think they are generated on the fly? I did a gallery with 30 images. I know it is over the suggested limit, but I made the thumbnails max 140px, and set the quality to 60. They still seem to load a little slowly, which is why I think they are being generated on the fly, but that is just a guess.

Suggestion for enhancement: Perhaps use an XML file that holds all the file names, and a caption for each photo. Then, by including an option in the tag to turn on reading of the file, you could have custom captions for each photo in the popup. This type of enhancement would not interfere with users who want to keep it as simple as it is now, but would add a little power for those who want to make use of it.
Owner's reply

Yes, the thumbnail images are generated on-the-fly. Using XML as you suggest to input more data to the images we are getting out of course and this gallery will not be "Simple" anymore, right?

byKlementz, November 12, 2006
XCloner-Backup and Restore
This component is incredible. I had three different cloned sites running, and passed changes among them until I was ready to go live, then I cloned my original site just to be sure, and then put the working copy right over top in a matter of minutes.

I did have a spot of trouble when I first started, but it was because my site is large (300mb) and I had server timeouts. But this is where the developer steps in with the most incredible support I have ever experienced! He even went in and fixed a mess created by another unrelated commercial component. Wow!

Back up your whole site, and move it anywhere just like it says. You get what you pay for, but in some cases you get a lot more.