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byKotsolis, January 10, 2013
These guys have FINALLY made an application which displays updates from MULTIPLE Twitter accounts.

We had a slight issue with gk_gaming_magazine template but their support was quick and they instantly fixed it. Well done!
byKotsolis, July 17, 2012
I've installed JBolo but I started having problems since day 1.
- We don't receive/sent some messages in the chat.
- Messages must be always visible even when a user closes/opens a window. Noone would guess that he has to go to history to see older chat conversations.
- History should display users chat logs with top messages being the older and bottom being the newest.
- Chat window of a user remains active, even if we close it.

So summary is that sometimes the chat works, and sometimes it doesn't. Your choice.
Owner's reply

Hi. Have you contacted our support to get these issues resolved ? From your description it seems there are some JS Conflicts on your site. JBolo's Heartbeat seems to be breaking on some pages due to which you might be having this issue. I suggest you contact support..