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byKrazza, March 21, 2012
Calc Builder
Let me say first, I rarely buy commercial extensions, very rarely, however I made an exception on this one as my client wanted something I could not do.

I am so glad I selected this extension. Not only did the guys at Moonsoft provide a great product they back it up a level of support rarely seen. I had them create a custom calculator and even though Im sure the dont come close to speaking my language, they explained everything perfectly, from how to install, to even giving extra tips and ideas.

Absolutely worth the cost, can I give 10 stars?, highly recommended. Thanks Moonsoft! rock.! haha!
byKrazza, March 18, 2012
I tried this but was sceptical after the two bad reviews below, but found it works great. Install and just remember to publish it. This on a J2.5.3

Its intalled on Disability charity site, and would like it better if the user could just hit enter to play the audio instead of having to click the icon. For the visually impaired this is an issue.

But gave it 5 anyway,....thanks.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your kind feedback. Please check our latest version which adds that feature.

byKrazza, December 23, 2011
Have a tried a few of these over the years all without a lot of success or with a lot of hassle. Not this one however, installed, got some keys from google and shazzam, !!!! it works. Its helping me 'believe' J1.7is worth it...
Thanks guys great work.
byKrazza, December 21, 2011
Article Lister
Thank you for this module. I had searched for two days for something simple I could order the way I wanted. This solved it well. I did have to edit the default file to pull in a different J-site class, as all I could get it to display was menu styled bullets and I wanted formatting like all my other latest and most read mods that were showing. But still 5 stars as you saved me and my hair!!! Cheers mate.!!
byKrazza, May 24, 2011
SP Facebook
Just simple and works really well. Remember to check out the examples on their site first as It took me a few minutes to work out what all the configuration params were for. Then realized you use the top param to select what type of module you want to display. So its 7 modules in one really.

Nice job!
byKrazza, April 8, 2010
I had no great problems installing this for a client however there are very few, well only one parameter option in the module styling etc. You can choose some header text and thats it.

Hopefully they will update it one day.
byKrazza, December 25, 2008
Ajax Stock
Dont often add reviews but this one is worth it. Excellent support by the developer beyond what I would consider normal, to have issues that were site related fixed.

Great pop up chart display is really eye catching and to see stocks update every few seconds is just as good.

Great addition to any J1.5 financial site or a nice bell or whistle to any project. Cheers!