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byKrki, October 6, 2014
Payment Form
We needed something for our website to offer visitors hassle free option(s) for payment. Usual HTML code snippets wasn't a complete solution because we needed something which also keeps track of payments in one place. And that's where Payment Form jumped in place. Because we already use several other Ossolution Team products, I purchased PF without hesitation. After fast installation and configuration (Skrill integration), after few tests we realized that something could be improved. Developers listened and quickly added our suggestions.

- affordable
- easy setup
- various payment options
- Community builder and Jomsocial integration
- and most important: excellent and fast support

- Error 404: Cons not found :)
byKrki, August 4, 2014
Layer Slider
This slider has almost everything needed. I'm saying "almost" because it's not possible to build a slider with every possible feature, but this one is close.

- Easy and intuitive to work with
- Packed with features
- Responsive
- Ton of transitions (personally cross-fade is my favorite, but my clients like bling on their websites)
- Great support

- couldn't find any :)

I used many other sliders, both free and paid, but after this one I don't need to look elsewhere any more.
byKrki, May 20, 2014
Universal AJAX Live Search
It looks good, it performs even better, and most important, it has excellent support.
All their modules and extensions has it.
I'm already using it on many Joomlas, and I'll continue to use it.
Membership Pro
Before Membership Pro (MP), I used several other commercial membership & subscription components. At first I avoided MP because they didn't provide working demo, but then I saw that they are giving back money in case of not being satisfied and decided to try it. Bingo! If I only did it before trying other components. I would save myself some money and a lot of time which I spent by trying other components to work as I desired.

- Painless installation
- Easy to setup
- Various membership plan options
- Hassle free workflow. Registration and Subsription to any plan could be done on one page
- It integrates well with Community Builder
- Integrated translator
- Active forum
- GREAT and fast user support
- Code is clean and intelligently written, so skilled coders can modify it with easily, if needed.
- it supports Joomla overriding system

- no working demo, hopefully they will add it soon ;)

If only other components would have such good support in term of speed and willingness to help beyond usual support scope. New version is coming soon, with even more features, so my purchase was justified beyond my initial hope for this component. Keep on a good work, and add working demo asap! I'm sure that this would bring more sales to you.
byKrki, October 13, 2013
After using this component for several months on several projects, and after contacted developer about few issues and suggestions, I think that I'm qualified enough to say this:
I've tried many other booking components, and this one beats most of them.

- versatility: It could be used for booking many type of bookable things: Apartments, Rooms, Hotels, Campsites, Cars, Boats, everything.
- it could be used as property listing system too
- Easy seasonal prices creating system.
- flexibility: possibility to create various type of custom fields and to group them
- building custom search: this is the only component (as I know) which gives you an option to set math operators when searching, for example for distances.
- Each custom field can be set to be shown in list, details or in advanced search, or in search module.
- It's relatively easy (for skilled programers) to customize it beyond available options in backend.
- It's being actively developed, with more and more features added in every new version
- Excellent user support
- Developers also listen user suggestions and adds em in every next version, if suggested features adds to overall component usability

- Image manager could be better. Needs option to select and upload more than one file at once.
- Booking calendar needs to have option to display booked start date and end date as triangle. This is a must for night bookings.
- Creating season prices needs to have option to set different price according to different number of persons
- Big Koparent images in admin area. This is just a small rant, rather than actuall cons. IMHO, it's OK to brand your component, but smaller icons with link in bottom could do same job as well ;)

I must say that I'll stick with Koparent, and I'm seeing bright future for this component
byKrki, June 12, 2013
DM Pinboard Pro
After I thought that I've finally found component to do exactly what I wanted, found few issues which lowered my rating.

- it shows articles in nice way
- easy to install and to configure
- few pre-designed outputs. It says 5 but 2 are very similar

- Non SEF urls. Component produces "index.php?article?id..." url's
- Component shows articles with Access "Registered" to non logged users as well
- No support forum
- Very limited support

I asked them how to fix mentioned issues and they replied: Yes it cannot do it. After I asked again about suggestions what to do, they stopped responding. This is not how support for paid component should work.
I purchased this component in their "Joomla package" with 10 other products. 4 other products from their package wasn't working.

My experience with many components or modules generally tells me this: Avoid developers without user support forums or be prepared to solve issues by yourself. This was true with this developer as well.
Owner's reply

Hi Krki,
thanks for your feedback.

We're working on an update that will fix various bugfixes like the articles access issue that will be available in a few hours.

And we've also already sent you how to solve the SEF link issue for Joomla! articles.

For any other question or issue feel free to contact us using our support form and we'll reply asap.

Kind Regards,
your DM Support Team.

byKrki, June 8, 2013
Monthly Archive
Before I finally found this component, I tried few other free and commercial solutions.
Too bad that I didn't tried this one first, because it does exact what I needed.

- quick setup
- many options
- works as component or module
- also serves as additional search system
- eliminates usage of not so functional Joomla default archiving system

- none
byKrki, March 18, 2013
Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
Immediately after I tested it on their website, I knew that I must have it on my projects.

- easy installation
- usable: supports many other components
- very configurable and flexible: it can be customized to fit most of designs
- great and fast support: I had few questions, and clash with one of our JS file, which they addressed and resolved very quickly. I also made mistake with subscription and they resolved it without hesitation
- frequent updates: it's actively developed and all reported bugs are getting ironed out

- none

Conclusion: Just look at all positive reviews, that's how it looks when developers knows and do their job and listens users. Keep on a great work :)
byKrki, January 2, 2013
Issue 1: I needed to customize some joomla output without touching core files.
Solution: ReReplacer.

Issue 2: I needed to translate some repetitive multilingual phrases for couple hundreds of properties
without entering translations manually for each language for each property.
Solution: ReReplacer with its integrated RegEx functionality + custom language files + quick help from developer

Issue 3: I needed to replace some article text with PHP code.
Solution: ReReplacer with Sourcerer plugin, developed by same author.

- very versatile and helpful tool for everyone who needs to squeeze more from Joomla
- it's updated regulary
- fast and solid help from developer
- it can be combinied with Sourcerer plugin to extend it's functionality even further

- none

Conclusion: Thank you Peter for this awesome tool :)
byKrki, November 26, 2012
Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form
I needed a module to bypass standard Joomla contact form behavior and to add some extra fields. After some searching, I gave this component a chance and I'm glad that I did. I had only one small issue on my Joomla 1.5 installation, and developer promptly fixed it.

- Easy to install
- Easy to configure
- A lot of display options: as module, as popup, in content.
- Great support

- None :)
byKrki, January 31, 2012
NoNumber Extension Manager
Of course, this extension is just a base for maintaining other NoNumber extensions, which are by themselves also a must have.

It works. It's free. Its updated frequently.
I'm using it on my all new Joomla sites, because it provides quick and hassle free access to other NoNumber extensions.

At 1st I was using only few of their other extensions.
After I tried it in my Joomla sandbox, I downloaded and installed all available components, and after getting familiar with them, now I'm using em regularly.

Because all of that: components, plugins, forum and support is provided freely by author, I've decided to purchase his master license without, much hesitation.

Peter keep on a goo.., no, EXCELLENT work ;)
Many other Joomla component developers could learn from your dedication.
byKrki, December 2, 2011
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If you have luck that JomSocial works OK with your system than it could be of use for you. But in case of any real issues you can forget about proper support and you are on your own. Having experienced Joomla guru or genius programmer by your hand is only thing which can help you.

Why? They just happily announced that they will not provide support over forums any more. They will use ticket support instead. Great. They even removed links from their website.

Usually this tactic is used when someone wants to hide problems from public. And their forums are full of people with problems.

When using support tickets you may end by fiddling your thumbs by days without actual answer. At least that happened in my case.
They also raised component price and lowered support time span.
Every new upgrade brings new issues because it's not properly tested.

For component of such complexity they should have more people available for support. If they advertise other developers addons on their website, they should test it first and not let their customers to serve as Guinea pigs.

- nice FaceBook a like community system, packed with basic features.

- for any extra advanced feature you need to purchase other commercial products, some of them may clash or create new issues with your overall system
(good luck with configuration)
- clashes with many other non related components or templates.
- support is slow or non existent
- they want to get rid of their forum

Conclusion: If I knew before how much of issues will I have with JomSocial I would never purchased it. But now it's too late. Money wasted, time wasted, nerves wasted.
- modular, scalable, extendable, configurable, multilanguage
- per season tariffs
- front-end admin, multi user level
- fast and professional support
- frequent updates
- they listen customer base and often implement stuff in future releases

- high learning curve. If you need to fully unlock Jomres potential, prepare yourself for a lot of learning. Good thing is that their support quality goes in Pros section :)
- image gallery could (and must) be better. Current system is not in match with other Jomres features.
- pricey customization service. If you need customization beyond initially available features, and above own coding skills, prepare yourself for (much) higher than usual programing costs.

Conclusion: Jomres isn't for "average Joe" website. But if you invest some time and efforts and properly master Jomres, you'll be rewarded with booking system which is light year ahead of other components listed here. It almost looks like framework for building customized booking systems.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, and I'm coining a new term BCCK (Booking Content Creation Kit) to describe Jomres ;)