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byKrossfire, June 27, 2012
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Facebook Like and Share button
Like in title - I've checked some commercial plugins, which looks like poor beginner-coded stuff compared to this. Facebook Like and Share is just excelent! Have many configuration options, you can select separately where to enable buttons and comments, how it should look, where to put it (above/below content, frontpage, category view, etc.). Really powerful, flexible and FREE - what else would you need? If you're looking for great FB like/share/comment integration for your Joomla!-based website - stop searching and download this great plugin now. You won't be disappointed!
byKrossfire, March 4, 2012
The best and totally free forum component for Joomla! Has dozens of features, functions, configuration options, plugins and possibilities. Easy to install, configure and maintain. Devs provides great support same the community. There is probably nothing better than Kunena. It's absolutely must-have for any community-based Joomla website.
byKrossfire, March 4, 2012
Simple Review
Simple Review is perfect component for any review site, i.e.: for games, movies or music reviews. It's easy to use, configure and even to modify. It's template system is really simple and easy to learn and understand. Also - developers provides great support via forums (and fast answers for short questions via twitter). There is no better review-component for FREE.
byKrossfire, March 4, 2012
JCE is really powerful yet easy to use content editor with many features and functions. Works perfectly with every Joomla version. It's also easy to configure, even absolutely beginner should be able to handle it. If you're looking for good WYSIWYG editor for FREE - this is probably the best choice.
byKrossfire, March 4, 2012
Akeeba Backup
The best backup-restore component I've ever used. Easy to install, configure and use - even for beginners. Also got great documentation and support. If you want to ackup your site - Akeeba is the best choice.
byKrossfire, March 2, 2012
As simple Joomla! user I was fully satisfied with standard Joomla CCK (if it can be called that). Few months ago I just found it's not enough and just doensn't fit my needs and requirements. So I've checked some free CCKs here and there and finally found K2. I was just overwhelmed by countless options, configuration stuff, possibilities, etc. However - after few hours with K2 Forums, some help-sites and dozens of teste, tries and mistakes I (at last) found this component really easy to use. It wasn't hard to learn, you just need to spend some time with it and play with anything you can find there (on some backup copy of your site, or fresh Joomla! installation for testing purposes only).
Now I can say that K2 is probably the best free CCK ever created for Joomla! It perfectly fills all my needs (and probably yours) - tags, comments system, social buttons, images, videos, extra fields and 10 billion/trillion/gazillion configuration options... looks scary at the beginning, but after few hours the best becomes the beauty, and the curse of complexity becomes a blessing.
I think everyone should give it a try - remember it's free, so it will only cost you some of your time!