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byLAOCA, February 13, 2014
We've been using Breezing Forms since 2009. It's very easy to use and as you dig down you realize how powerful this software actually is. We started with the free plugin but upgraded it simply because I was getting such great support I started feeling badly about not being a paying customer.

Our company uses the forms for incoming contact, quotes and most business queries. Most on-site conversions come from a BF form. Recently, due to a Joomla upgrade we discovered that our Forms weren't being saved or sending emails, a scary thought when your company replies on them. Support was instantaneous. I don't mean next day, or even same day. I put "important" in the header and received a reply within minutes. Can't expect that 24/7 but it's extremely comforting when a vendor has your back like that!
byLAOCA, January 14, 2013
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
My version is a bit dated, I've been using it for I'm guessing two years. It works so well that I don't dare upgrade it.

I've only used support once, it was for something completely "my bad". Got a reply back immediately.

5 stars for sure!
byLAOCA, December 11, 2012
Facebook Wall Feeds
Facebook integration is an important function of our website. I've tried many feeds, but this is the one that works. Awesome - fast support too!
AcyMailing Starter
ACYmailing isn’t just the best Joomla extension for email, it’s the best of all solutions for email we’ve ever used.

Email is the cornerstone of our marketing. Over the years we’ve tried many ways and services to manage our data and get our emails delivered including server side software, desktop solutions, and the bigger services like Icontact/Constantcontact. Presently, we send 100-200,000 emails a month through ACY.

We’ve been using ACY now about two years. It had a few shortcomings when we started but during our tenure we’ve watched the product grow and increase functionality to the point that it does everything the most expensive solutions do, and usually better. At the beginning we used it as a secondary source and maintained our lists and data elsewhere. Not long after we started using ACY as our primary method of sending email. Today we have begun customizing the database and starting to migrate our customer contact and data to a complete ACY solution.

Our top reasons for using ACY:

- The best customer support of any extension we’ve ever used. Responses are fast, and ACY helps solve all mail issues, even if they are not the fault of their product.

- It’s incredibly reliable and we’ve never seen a compatibility issue.

- It’s highly manipulate-able. Out of the box it’s full featured and easy to use. As we became more sophisticated, we learned that there’s a way to do just about anything. We recently had our first custom feature written by ACY and it was done quickly, and very affordably.

- Features and functionality are constantly being upgraded. ACY is very active in working with its customers through their forums and reacts very well to their needs.

We’re not very active reviewers here. This one really deserved the time.
Facebook News Feeds
As a heavy FB user, I've been bumbling with code to get my feed integrated on my site for years.

This plugin not only works great, but the tech support is awesome.

The only reason I needed support was by my own stupid mistake in using the wrong access code. A forum post and near immediate Skype session later - I'm in business!