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byLTCreations, April 24, 2013
SobiPro Search
I needed (and still am looking for) a method to search SobiPro categories "and" entries. This software provides a good search feature, but will not search categories. Selecting from a pull-down category is available, but if a user wants to type the category "and" keyword or zip code into the search box, the search fails. I found this extension neither good nor bad - it depends on your specific needs. I have a very large list of categories - more than 1,800. Users are not going to figure out how to find the one they want. Searching via an input box is the only method that is easy for users with a site this size - eventually holding more than 20m entries. Extly provides products that work, but just not for my needs. I was disappointed to find, after installing, that it offers little more functionality than the default SobiPro Extended Search.
Owner's reply

Hi, You are right. Thank you for feedback!

We are aware of the current limitations. They are mostly rooted in the original implementation.

We've just released a new version to support SobiPro 1.1 Beta 2. In this new version, we've re-written how the queries are build and how SobiPro can be searched.

It's currently an alpha version, but we expect to release it when SobiPro 1.1 is finally published as stable.

Again, we appreciate the time you devoted to write the review.

Warm Regards,
Tech Team

byLTCreations, June 29, 2012
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First, in 5 years this is only the second review I've written. I have no problems with Joomla!
I've used JCE for years. Until the J2.5 was available I had no issues. JCE developers have tried to re-create things to a point where there are TOO many bugs. I've put up with a lot of the "tweaks" that JCE did to the editor, and those that "I" had to make in the software in order that it works. This new version leaves a lot to be desired, although "some" aspects are quite nice. But basic functionality suffers greatly just to get something new to function.
There was an update just today for JCE. No problem. I allowed the update and went back to work.
I've just lost 2 weeks worth of article writing because the latest update of JCE combines shift+a as "Select All". WHAT?!!! Who wants that option?! I can't make a capital "A" now?!
The first time I noticed the shift+a selected everything I was astounded and thought I'd done something wrong. I made sure I had everything saved and moved on.
The second time that happened I knew it wasn't me and went into the settings and tried to find where I could turn off the keystrokes. The only thing I could find was "Typography" for the "Enter" key.
I "had" to get the articles written and didn't have time to deal with uninstalling or trying to contact JCE, so I continued.
Immersed in writing I tried to make a capital A while on page 4 of a 4 page document - yes, the entire document was highlighted in one swift move. I type around 65 wpm. So the moves I made 'after' shift+a deleted the entire article! It wasn't the first time today that I've had it happen, but the last time (out of 4) wiped out my entire document and I have nothing now. There is no way to retrieve the document because the page moved up and the moust to the "Apply" and before I could click somewhere else the document saved the blank page.
WHO's idea was that to update JUST TODAY and include shift+a as the select all shortcut?! The editor didn't do that prior to today's update!
I know it was just today because the update was just today while I was in the midst of writing another article.
I can't complain at the JCE site because I'd have to purchase a membership in order to post in the forum.
In the last 2 months I've watched the updates and they have all been horrid. Highlighting all similar code when I select one bit of code in source view?!
Completing my tags for me in source view when I haven't typed my content?!
DON'T do the work for me, JCE. If I wanted an automated system I would be using Dreamweaver! I've been writing my own code in Notepad since 1998.
I can only hope that JCE contacts me personally in the next 24 hours - before I stay angry enough to start posting my feelings in other venues. Unless JCE can figure out a way for me to get back my 4 pages, I'm through with JCE!!!
Owner's reply

I can understand your frustration and apologise for any inconvenience caused. We too were surprised by this bug, which was unfortunately introduced in the update to TinyMCE 3.5.4

This issue was addressed in the JCE update which was released as soon as we became aware of the problem and of the availability of the fix in TinyMCE

"Completing my tags for me in source view when I haven't typed my content?!"

An option to disable tag-closing was included in JCE 2.2.1

"Highlighting all similar code when I select one bit of code in source view?!"

An option to disable Selection Matching will be included in JCE 2.2.2