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La Casetta bio

byLa Casetta bio, June 11, 2014
A good component to translate the joomla sites. The support is always present and Stephane is really good.
byLa Casetta bio, January 4, 2014
It is a great component that it can not miss on every prestigious site. Great support too!
byLa Casetta bio, June 28, 2012
It works but it doesn't show the alphauserpoint avatar.
What a pity.
Do you have some tips to fix it?
I have joomla 2.5.4 and A.U.P. 1.7.3
byLa Casetta bio, June 9, 2012
A software for those who do not want to have problems. For those who need an online store right away without wasting time. A software for those who, when he needs help, receives it immediately and solved the problem instantly.
It needs just some adjustments and it will be perfect!
byLa Casetta bio, May 31, 2012
Nice Social Bookmark
I had an old version of that.
Today i was searcing for a new module with google+.
Finally i found that was mine nice social bookmark with new version 1.7.4!!!!
Great. I updated and all works fine with my new google+.
Thanks a lot!
byLa Casetta bio, May 4, 2012
Slideshow CK
Very beautiful extension.
But there are many problems with IE9; I hope that C.K. will fix it.