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byLambas, May 20, 2010
Thanks very much for these great and useful plugin!

Just some things

1. it will be nice to be able to hide it from "category view" .I mean when you view a category there is a list of included articles and their intro text.

3.Exclude cat/sec/article ID is not working to me. the plugin is everywhere ... even to sections/category descriptions

2. when set to align right .... there is 50px offset ... this may be a conflict with an other content plugin .. not sure
byLambas, October 8, 2009
Was time to see Jcomments on JED!

First of all i want to talk about the excellent support! The developer is open to new suggestions and he is a hard worker when dealing up with bugs etc.

Now about the component it is really hard to believe that is free! It is stable as rock, it is very cool looking and it offers so many features that are taking commenting to an other level.

A big plus is that can use the avatars from all the well known forum/community systems with no hacks and without to waste your time.

..members can use the "new comment" notifier to subscribe to followup messages

..and you can make it work almost to anywhere thanks to the excellent integration with many major components!

Generally there are many more to mention like AJAX, re-sizable comment area, characters counter etc etc

Installed normally!
set it up in 5 minutes
Imported the comments from yvcomment in some seconds and from that time everything is running flawless !

So this is the end of my very honest review!
5/5 and a big thank to the developer/translators and anyone who is involved with this project!
byLambas, September 24, 2009
First of all i want to say a big thank you for providing a so great component for free!

Installed and have it running in 3 minutes!

Very easy to use and understand and many options that will help everyone to customize it to his needs!

Also the easy integration with jcomments is a big +

However some things could make it even more powerful !!

what im missing..

1. I think there should be a "report download" link

2. An integrated "voting system" for the downloads

3. when using it with jcomments and viewing a list of downloads in subcategory view, it will be nice to have a "number of comments" notice..
download 1 (## number of comments)
download 2 (## number of comments)

4. An option for the uploaders to be able to update/delete their uploads ... and also to be able to view all of their uploaded files.

5. A "sort by" option for the frontend (subcategory view)

sort downloads by ...
date added
date modified

Again maybe some things missing but this is a great component anyway, and is recommended to everybody :)

Thank you very much again!
Best regards
Owner's reply

Hello Lambas,
thanks for your voting.
In version 1.6 we added from your missing list point 1-3.
Best Regards

byLambas, August 29, 2009
Akeeba Backup
what a time saver!!!
the title speak!

Your joomla in a pack!

thanks very much!
byLambas, December 22, 2008
I started testing this forum component from the beginnings!
There was many bugs but it is getting better day by day!

Now i have to say only good words!

The only thing is missing is a PM system or an integration option with an existing like uddeim

Good job!!!

I little more try and it will be a great fireboard alternative!
byLambas, December 12, 2008
Well! Im shocked!! Really.

Ive tried too many galleries in the last days (or weeks)and spend so much time trying to find solutions for bugs.. and ways to add more features for my needs!

This wasnt possible so the only solution was to try even more till the end ;)

Went for JoomGallery.

Installed in a minute!!
Set in 10 minutes! (there are really too many options in the settings area and this is very very good as you can config anything you want in a very simple way)

After config you are ready to go!
No hacks, no messing up with the code, nothing!!!

Clean CSS, clean fronted 'look', votes, comments, email to a friend, share to forums etc are only some of the features.

I cant believe that what i tested is a beta . I mean what will the main version have more? (i cant think of anything)

Also i cant understand why this component is not on the top of the galleries list! It is not fair.

A big thank to the developers with much love and respect!
I made my job as i wanted to (and more) safely, fast, steady, free with no problems at all.

Hope this site to give me some money ... then Joomgal will be the first on my donation list! Absolutely!
byLambas, September 16, 2008
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very easy to install and config!
very simple 'look'.. that will not make your articles look ugly!
This is all i need!
Install and in 2 minutes you are ready to go!
Thanks very very much for this excellent comment system