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byLarsH, April 16, 2011
This review is for Jnews Social. I am not sure if thats ok, but here goes

I got a test version of Jnews social 3 weeks ago, and I am still not able to use it, so I did not finish the purchase yet. Some issues I encountered:

1. Error when trying to upload template files.

2. My language was supposed to be included, but the language file was only partially translated.

3. The native and commercial templates were messed up. It turned out that the paths was wrong.

4. I am using usernames and not real names, but the Jomsocial tags includes real names. this was corrected on my site yesterday. Its a major privacy issue for users using usernames, but apparently the option to switch will not be included, according to support, so I will need help on this on every upgrade.

5. The tag for including Joomla modules still does not work. First they blamed the editor, changed it and declared problem solved, but its not solved at all.

6. The tags for Jomsocial is not in the language file. Problem still not solved.

About the support itself:

1. Topics closed prematurely and strange questions which seems absolutely non-relevant. For example in the case of the templates being messed up, I was given directions for switching colour codes for no apparent reason. When I asked about the relevans, I got no answer.

2. A supporter did some testing in the backend and send out a newsletter to 60 users which included a messed up template with default content and tags including users real names, so not only did the users get a strange ugly mail, some of them got their privacy violated. I complained about this, but got no excuse at all. Only comment was asking about the time for the sending.

Ever got the feeling that you payed good money for what essentially is a beta? I got that feeling about Jnews Social. Also, the support is unprofessional. They seem to prefer to ask for backend access rather that give you info on how to fix for yourself. Combined with the lacking respect for a live site, this means that personally I do not feel safe handing over backend access. So if this is the only way I can get things fixed, I am not sure if I dare to place the order, to be honest.
byLarsH, January 14, 2011
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Conversion Splash
This plugin has potential, but it does not do what it claims to:

1. Only works on some content
At first when i bought it, it only worked with native Joomla content. This was not explained at the description. "Some content" can mean anything, and I needed it for articles in Myblog. This was fixed with a new version, after some debating back and forth with the dev. But buyers should be aware about this limitation.

2. Registered users still get the pop up
the description asks "Want more sign ups to your Joomla website?".

So, would you expect the pop up to be activated for registerred users AFTER their sign up? I certainly would not. this means that if you have a community site for example, you cant use this, unless you want to aggrivate your users with the pop up when they are logged in.

I did talk to the dev about these issues, suggesting that he revised the description, but he thinks I am way off. However, I think these points are valid to many Joomla users, so judge for yourself.
Owner's reply

As explained to this customer already, this is a content plugin. Which means it works using content tags for all Joomla content as well as 3rd party extensions that support content plugins. Content plugins are not login or user account driven. This was a misunderstanding and an assumption made by this customer of how content plugins operate and work on a Joomla website. We tried to explain this many times but he obviously did not understand how these types of content plugins work.