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byLaus, October 4, 2010
If like me you do not want to start hacking away at core files or register this that and the other with sites then I suggest that you don't get frustrated with all the other captcha systems, this is the only one which will give you a quick convenient solution. Install, enable, adjust colours if you like - job done!
Many thanks to the developers, this is the sort of simple to use plugin which makes Joomla so easy to implement and maintain, above all others.
byLaus, September 16, 2009
The Geocode Factory
After having tried several other Geocode extensions and wasting some money doing so, I was beginning to think my server just wasn't capable. I even posted on several Joomla forums asking for help and feedback with no response. Then I tried this one, the Geocode plugin which is a free 'starter' to the Factory worked straight away so I opted for the very cheap Geocode Factory and was up and running in minutes.

Documentation was a little scarce and I had real worries about non-english speaking devs' plug-ins because of the language barrier, so when I ran into a small problem and posted about this on the support forum I was not expecting the results I got.

And the results were outstanding, the level of support offered by Cédric is as good as you would expect from an expensive commercial extension and the level of support has been better than ANY other extension I have ever used (which is many).

Now to the extension itself: this extension includes a mod and a component. The mod uses address fields from your CB profiles and turns these (via Google Maps) into two fields for Longitude and Latitude, you can set these fields yourself so they match up with any other list activity.

Using the Factory component you then see these co-ords plotted onto a map of your specification, including editable info bubble layout, editable markers and even editable layout.

There is much much more to this but its all very simple, and you always have the peace of mind knowing that support is there if you need it (which you rarely will).
byLaus, July 23, 2008
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RSform Pro
I am no genius when it comes to components, I have a grounding in design, CSS and HTML so it is vital to me to have a little back up support when things go wrong that I don't understand.

I have installed and tried 4 different Forms components and I can not begin to tell you how frustrated I have been trying to find one which is simple for me, but also secure (temper tantrums or what!) - in the end I decided to pay for this one as I liked the free demo and its ability to use HTML snippets which I understand so well. I am so glad I did, as I was having nightmares with captcha and getting the darn thing to work on any forms at all.

Alex - pointed me in the right direction and even told me what to do with my server to get captcha functioning. At last, my forms are secure and I can relax! The relief is palpable.