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byLefthook, July 5, 2013
OS Services Booking
I bought this extension hoping it would work for my unique booking situation. The software is impressive. Support was incredibly helpful in providing configuration options that might work for me, but ultimately we decided it wasn't a good fit because I needed a different work schedule each day of the week. I got a prompt refund. Conclusion: there was no downside to trying this extension. It will work for you or your money back. Thanks, Dam.
byLefthook, January 1, 2013
Flexi Contact Plus
I have used the free version for more than a year. A new project needed a more robust solution so I purchased Plus. There is everything to like here. It all works perfectly and is very well thought out. You can create very complex contact forms, and as many as you want. Whenever I couldn't figure out something I read the documentation again and it came clear. Well written, thorough documentation? What a concept for a Joomla extension. Kudos to the developers.
byLefthook, July 22, 2012
percha Iframe
I love plugins that just work, even if you don't know why. This is one of them. The few lines of instruction is all you need.
byLefthook, July 1, 2012
SP Upgrade
I cried with joy when this extension worked first time. The hardest part was finding the info to fill in the form fields. Others have said support is great, but this extension is so well crafted, you probably won't need them.
byLefthook, May 31, 2011
Art Calendar
I'm new to Joomla! but this extension seemed perfect for my first Joomla site. I was pleasantly surprised that all the glowing reviews are true. Worked first time right out of the box. When I had trouble with time zones from Google calendar, support solved it pronto. You can't go wrong with these folks!