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byLelldorianx, August 29, 2012
The Ohanah team has improved their calendar tremendously in the previous months. They've finally added recurring events, the interface is extraordinarily clean, I can add custom fields to event registration, and it does everything we needed for my client's board game store.

Support is fairly quick and responsive, too.

The tool itself is mostly bug-free and has solid user event creation functionality, calendar displays, and overall theming. Everything looks nice and flows readily; it's very 'clean' in its design.

jEvents was preferable for 1.5, but for 2.5 and modern joomla sites, I see no reason not to use Ohanah.
byLelldorianx, January 22, 2012
Qlue Custom 404
This component is easy to figure out (I didn't need any guides, just poked around) and quick to set up. You can add some htaccess code to change the error page to the custom one you've created with Qlue, at which point users will see a fully-integrated 404 / 500 / 403 page.

That means these errors will be displayed within the content area of your template, so the user never leaves the template and will retain access to menu items or other important navigation functions (like searching).

It also notifies you after X attempts to visit a broken URL, so you can locate what needs to be rewritten and address those issues.

I have the commercial version, it's totally worth it. I'm very happy with the functionality and support - I got a reply within minutes of sending a question.
byLelldorianx, July 30, 2010
Google Maps by Reumer
Not much to say here. I tested the component thoroughly on my test location before uploading (you can never be too safe). I found the page load times to be very acceptable, the amount of options in the back-end are flooring (in a good way), and it does what you need.

My only suggestion - and this does not affect the rating it receives - is to make it so the "Get Directions" little pop-up window disappears after they click the "Get Directions" button (otherwise it is in the way of the route). This may be a problem with GoogleMaps though, that's why I didn't hurt the rating.

Everything is perfect. Necessary for anyone with an office or hosting events/parties. I am using it on a DJ party website and an insurance agency website :)
byLelldorianx, July 18, 2010
After spending countless amounts of time editing my meta data after each article over the last few years (300+ articles), I just now found SEO Generator. I was a little bit hesitant to switch all my carefully planned keywords out for its robo-words, but went with it. My thoughts:

- If your site is in English, you will have to heavily modify the blacklisted keywords. The developer thankfully included hundreds (or thousands?) of words already, but the English language is very large, and it requires special tuning to your website. Example: My website is about gamers, so the word "game" or "gaming" is in just about every article. I had to blacklist those words. If yours is about biking, you may have to blacklist "bikes" or "ride" or "riding", etc.

- No related content plugins can match the quality of SEO Generator. Unfortunately, as great as SEO Generator is, the related content extensions just don't match up to it. They often match articles which are completely unrelated, which is sad because SEO Generator would really shine in this space... but you should still buy it :)

- Support is incredible. I often dread asking for support, because I could put a lot of effort into compiling all the information to email them, and never get a response. With SEOGen I immediately got a response, and what's more, he offered to help me with an extension that isn't even directly tied to SEOGen! Very friendly, very fast, and extremely helpful.

Highly recommended.
byLelldorianx, June 16, 2010
CComment Pro
I don't really leave as many reviews as I should, but the support provided by Daniel is on par with the other leading extensions support groups.

I bought the component and installed it, and had questions about some customization (support for JomSocial + Avatars). I posted my questions on the forum, and within a couple of hours I had a very helpful response. I used to use the free !JoomlaComment extension, but when I saw that they went "pro" I definitely trusted their work on my site.

I tried JomComment before using this, but their compatibility just wasn't working out, so I got a refund and converted. Glad I did :)

I'd put this in my list of top 5 components, those being: JReviews, JFusion, CompoJoomComment, MyBlog, and JomSocial.