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byLeoJoomla, April 7, 2012
Admin Forever
I install this plug as default all of my joomla site and use this plug more than 2 years

If you writing content,config your site, do everything in live site you must have because witout this plug-in defalt joomla setting will kick you out of site in a few minute
byLeoJoomla, April 6, 2012
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I have been purchase since last 2 year but looklike function just improve a little bit, all of major update is about bug fix :S

Nearly all of mods,plugs,components for this extension is commercial so If you look forward to find new mod,plug,com to improve your community you should be alway pay more and more money :S

poor support and poor document for developer if you want few click set up then run community app like this extension will be alright but not easy for who want to mod by themself even expertise developer
byLeoJoomla, September 14, 2010
I want to say thank for developer for his kind to give this plugins for free but Actually It's danger if you install on your site you will can't login to admin panel anymore

I don't know what's problem of this plugin but If you want to rick I recommend you should be test on your testing site first

for anybody who can't access your admin panel,
just use ftp to your site, then copy fresh new file from joomla pagaes in ./administrator/
copy this 3 files index.php, index2.php, index3.php
and replace in yourjoomla_directory/administrator

then you will able to access admin panel again and don't for get to remove plugin asap
Owner's reply

To anyone reading this: please DO NOT follow this reviewer's advice because it contains misleading information. You do not need to replace index.php, index2.php and index3.php - these files are not modified by kSecure and never will be. You can check it yourself - download, install the extension and check those files - you will notice no difference.
Instead, if you run into issues and cannot access the admin panel, just read the online manual: