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byLevel99, October 2, 2013
Simple Disqus Comments
A very good extension that has worked for me for many months now. I previously used a different extension but when I upgraded to 3.x I needed to change and this one worked brilliantly. I missed the old one still because it had a bar at the top of every article with "{num} Comments" that was hyperlinked allowing readers to jump straight to the comments section. If this extension had that option also it would be perfect.
byLevel99, June 1, 2013
AutoTweet NG Pro
Works well but it would be great if you could set each feed or post to have it's own twitter handle so different authors can have their handles mentioned when their post is tweeted.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your Feedback!

Right now, you can define rules to add static texts, so you can define in the backend the twitter handles for each author.

Until now, we haven't implemented user-level features, to include author twitter handles in the Posts; but we are already developing the upcoming product iteration with frontend features.

Support Team

byLevel99, June 1, 2013
Does what it says it will do but it could be better if it showed next/previous articles across categories not just the category the viewed article is in. It seems quite a few people have the same wish so maybe the developer could make something out of this as I would happily pay $5-8 to "upgrade" this plugin if he released this option.
byLevel99, June 1, 2013
Disqus Comments
This is a decent plugin but it would be better if I could customise the colours and the shape. The rounded corners etc look nice but not on my site. It would be 5* if I could customise it more.
Owner's reply

You can actually skin the comments box on your site using CSS. Disqus has an extensive walk-through on how to achieve that here:

byLevel99, September 10, 2012
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Works very well. Simple to install and use.

Works perfectly for listing documents for download and doubles up as a way to view documents on mobile devices.
byLevel99, September 10, 2012
Google Maps by Reumer
This excellent extension was much better than I expected. It works straight out of the box, is so simple to install and start using and hasn't slowed my site down at all.

I've used it on 7 different sites now and it serves every purpose.
byLevel99, September 10, 2012
Modules Anywhere
Simply does what it says it does. Modules anywhere.

If I want to insert a module into an article it just works. Simple install and simple to use, just click the "insert module" button on your editor. Works with every editor I've used.
byLevel99, September 10, 2012
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Edocs - Embed Documents
This extension is quite good for simple embedded of documents however I find that it is only limited to desktops which in today's world is frankly not good enough.

When viewed on mobile devices the viewer does not work and the pages are just blank.

I'd rate this 5 stars if it worked on mobiles too.
byLevel99, September 10, 2012
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This is the best feed to article extension I have used. I spent hundreds of wasted dollars buying "premium" products that could not handle multiple feeds or wouldn't work with cron or used so much processing power my site was always crashing.

This extension does everything I need and best of all it was free. I don't know how good the support is because I've never needed to get in touch with support as the product just works.

The user interface is quite good and overall it is a very simple extension to install and use even if you an amateur.

Definitely recommended.
byLevel99, September 10, 2012
This product worked well at first and did almost everything I expect it could do and was told it could do by the developer. It wasn't perfect but it did the job.

Sadly things started to go wrong and it seemed a little buggy. At first the support was quite good but I got the impression as time went on that the problems the extension was displaying was too much "hassle" for the developer to fix and my problems were ignored as "low priority".

Communicating with the developer proved to be a complete nightmare. It was very rare to get support during normal working hours and it was common to have support queries ignored for weeks on end and then dismissed when finally they were looked at.

The product itself is simple to install use however continued use of the product is extremely difficult when things go wrong.

If you wish to purchase this product then you could do a lot worse as the product itself is reasonably good however if you are not capable of building such a product from scratch yourself you may find, as I have, this product to be a waste of money as the level and quality of support is not commensurate with the eagerness to sell the product.