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It seems to do all I need. Configuring is very easy and it can blend in with your own template (configuration option).
Beware during installation Kanuna creates a new menu for itself in the menu manager. This menu is for the menu above the form. This menu is created using the default language for the menu options.
If you want you can also assign it for a template position (eg position-4).
byLexiboy, July 16, 2014
KC Admin QuickIcons
Just what I needed!
In addition of being able to add your own custom quickicons, you can actually add more then one set. (and Joomla remembers which one you used last)
byLexiboy, January 26, 2014
This tool is a must for both new and experienced users.
It is not only a 'firewall' which protect your site from attacks, but also has great scan tools and logging available. A must!
(it helped me find the cause of malicious code inserts in my .js files)
byLexiboy, January 26, 2014
Spider Random Article
Not only does this extension do what it is promissed, the service is also great.
For some reason the plugin stopped working (after some changes on my site), but the author fixed it within a day for me!
byLexiboy, January 26, 2014
Wishlist for Virtuemart
I installed this extension almost a year ago never got it working because of some problems on my installation of VM. Now I want to give it another shot.
I want to get the latest version if this extension. However, I am not able to get the file and the seller/author is not responding to my Emails. I hope they will see this.
Owner's reply

Dear Customer, probably our answer was marked as spam by your email provider, 'cause we do always reply to emails quickly. Also we do provide a preferred channel for our existing customers (Premium Support) in order to give a reply within 24 hours and to avoid email issues. If you still have your credentials to login to our system I'm sure you will find the latest version available for download. Otherwise you can ask for a password reset using the "Forgot password link" available here:

If you still have any issue you can still use our the following email address:

Provide us your order ID and we'll be happy to assist you!

Kind regards,
Sergio Pantaleo

byLexiboy, September 27, 2013
I was looking for a way to add css and dtd links to the header, without having to edit the template. This is the only extension that I know of that can also add 'other' kinds and not just the .js and .css.