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byLievanosan, October 8, 2013
I did buy this component to a site for a client, but the component just dosent work, i did ask for support, but they never did answer my questions, now i need to use/buy another component and i lose the money i did pay for this componente because they just dont give me support and the component dosent work.
byLievanosan, November 21, 2012
FB Page Fans Only
This is really nice product, i use it in my website, this product give you a very nice commercial tactic, i have more likes now in my Facebook fan page and i have more trafic to my website, this is really nice because if you combine the power of this component plus some other component to submit you content, well that combination is just fantastic, i am really happy with this component and the support is great too, the component and the team behind the extension are really great.
thank you for this very nice component (sorry for my english :P)