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byLilsage, October 9, 2009
I think this is the best comment add-on at the moment. It has the best general look (not overbearing or understated - just right). There is a bit of set-up involved with permissions - but it is easy to do (just have to set for each individual user type). The captcha feature doesn't require other programs or codes etc. to work (which is a huge plus in my mind).

The only thing I will mention is the filter option which lets you "replace" certain words. If you want to filter the words "dung" and "dunghole", the order they are listed changes what happens. If "dung" is listed first then "dunghole" would display [censored]hole. The "dung" part gets censored before it reaches the "dunghole" listing and then doesn't show the whole word as being censored. Not really a problem because the bad word is gone, but with some words you could still figure out what was being said. It’s good that the system censors parts of the word (why dunghole became [censored]hole). It just means that if you want the whole word censored, then you need to put the small words at the bottom of the list and the big / compound words at the top. Very minor!

After playing with six or eight other comment add-ons to find “just the right one” - this one is awesome! Great job!
Owner's reply

You can use regular expressions in filter because these lines passed through eregi_replace function.